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New Aquatics Center Planning

Si View Metro Parks has completed a comprehensive aquatics feasibility study for Snoqualmie Valley. This study was commissioned to better understand the community’s aquatic needs and how to best address them – this was one of the top priorities in the District’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update. The study was performed by an independent team of nationally-recognized architects and planners.

The aquatics feasibility study recommendations for facility size and amenities are based on the specific needs and program elements compiled during demographic and market research, through a multi-layered public outreach process, and in accord with Si View Metro Parks’ mission to provide parks and recreational services to improve the quality of life and benefit the health, safety and well-being of area residents.

Key Findings:

  • The current Si View pool is the only public aquatics facility in the Snoqualmie Valley with a population base of nearly 40,000 residents. The primary service area includes Si View Metropolitan Park District residents and the secondary service area includes the City of Snoqualmie residents and the nearby communities of Fall City and Preston.
  • In order to meet current and future aquatics needs of the full service area, a facility with a large recreation pool and a separate tank for lap programming and aquatic competitions is needed to support programming for all ages and abilities.
  • Survey data and public meeting comments show strong support for such a facility.
  • Based on a thorough business plan analysis, such an aquatics facility would be sustainably funded through program and user fees, with some level of operational support by Si View Metro Parks General Fund.
  • To deliver such a facility, community collaboration is necessary for capital funding and operations. This could include capital contributions from cities, King County, Snoqualmie Valley School District and other potential partners.

Facility Features

The proposed 46,594 sf facility includes a 4,600 sf beach entry warm temperature recreation pool with interactive water features, river current, flexible programming space with a three lane 25 yard lap area, and a separate 109’ long water slide. For comparison, the size of the current Si View Pool area is 2,534 sf.

A separate 6,210 sf cooler temperature competition pool is proposed ranging in depth from 3’6” to 13’3” to accommodate diving. The 25 meter by 25 yard design allows for ten 25 yard lap lanes or eight 25 meter lap lanes, 1 meter spring boards, climbing wall and 25 yard floating cage water polo.

Proposed dry spaces include a 2,500 sf multi-purpose room, 1,700 sf of classroom spaces, locker rooms and restrooms for both pools, office area, maintenance and storage spaces with a layout that allows for simultaneous full programming of both pool areas to maximize operational efficiency.

Additionally, a 2,000 sf outdoor splash pad with spray features and multiple zones for age appropriate play that does not require a lifeguard is proposed.

Funding Options

The proposed design is such that it allows for a phased construction approach depending on available funding. A first phase could include the recreation pool and dry classroom spaces, and a later phase could add the separate competition pool and multi-purpose room. For the full build out of the facility, community collaboration is necessary to fund the capital investment. The District is actively working to develop partnerships for a collaborative funding model that would allow a full build out of a public aquatic center and the best community benefit. Given the magnitude and longevity of the proposed project, all potential options will be investigated and considered to ensure the best possible outcome for the community.

To build the full facility in one phase, using the current schematic design, the estimated construction cost is $43M based on a construction timeline beginning in 2021. If separated to two phases, again based off the current schematic design, the first phase cost would be $28M and later phase an additional $21M.

Next Steps

Si View Metro Parks is currently surveying District residents for the level of support of a capital bond measure. Community discussions with potential project partners are ongoing, and depending on available funding, construction could begin as soon as 2021 with a phased or full build out approach. The full build out could be completed as early as 2023 and a phased project in 2026.

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