Aquatics Center Planning

New Aquatics Center Planning

One of the top three priorities for future development identified in the 2017 District Comprehensive Plan is the need for an aquatics facility. We are now conducting a feasibility study to explore options for expansion of the existing aquatics facility or development of a new facility. Where should a new pool be located? What kind of facility should we build? How can we make a good investment? These are some of the questions we will be asking this year as we study the feasibility of a new aquatic center. A feasibility study will guide us to a solution that provides a long term sustainable building that is community driven.

During the process, three public engagements have taken place. The first public meeting on January 31, 2019 was a workshop format with two goals: to confirm community support for a new Aquatic Center and to hear community opinions about the future location and amenities that they want for the new facility. An online survey in March was our second engagement, asking the community about their willingness to support the ideas that come out of the first workshop. The final public meeting on April 25, 2019 asked participants to weigh in on three facility alternatives presented. Based on the input received, the commission has chosen Option 2/Elk as the preferred option to study further. The consulting team will now move to the final reporting stages of the study that will include a business plan, traffic study, site analysis, conceptual drawings and preliminary cost estimates for the selected option. Final report is expected this summer.

Feasibility Study Project Schedule:

January-February 2019
Market Analysis - completed
January-March 2019
Community Outreach - completed
March-May 2019
Schematic Design and Business Plan Development in progress
May-June 2019
Feasibility Study Completion

Feasibility Study Project Schedule:

January 31, 2019
April 25, 2019

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