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Si View Metropolitan Park District

Aquatic Center Project Remains a Top Priority

District residents have consistently voiced a need for a new aquatic center. The existing Si View Pool was built 84 years ago for a community of 600 residents, clearly not representative of today's needs. With just 2,500 sf of wet space, the pool is undersized for the community with extensive waitlists for most programs. Currently less than 50% of students looking for swim lessons can be served, due to lack of space.

Following an extensive feasibility study in 2019, Si View proposed a capital bond measure to design and construct a new community aquatic center in November 2020 and again in August 2022. While the measures narrowly missed the required 60% super majority, almost 58% of the community is in support of funding the project, making it a high priority for future investment to better serve identified community needs.

As we consider options, pursue updated cost estimates and collect community input, it is all with a goal of developing a new proposal to present to District residents in November 2023, providing our community an option for a new aquatic center in North Bend. We invite you to participate in this process, stay informed and share information with your neighbors. Contact us with questions about this project at (425) 831-1900 or email .

Listening Session – Wednesday February 1, 2023: 6:30 PM
We need your input! Join us to provide feedback. What was missed in the August 2022 aquatic center proposal? Are there other non-aquatic amenities that should be considered in a future proposal? How can we best communicate project information to you? What other options should we consider? Join us in-person, or online on Microsoft Teams.
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Commonly Asked Questions (click on the topic to expand)
What is a recreation pool?
A Recreation Pool is a large multi-use space that accommodates variety of uses at the same time. The current Si View Pool is a small lap pool with two thirds of the wet space being deep water. This layout limits programming options and leads to activities competing for the use of the same space. The new recreation pool would more than double the available wet space and allow for variety of activities to take place at the same time in different zones. A combination of leisure and lap areas provides the most flexibility and the greatest range of programming options for the community. This flexibility is a key difference to the current Si View Pool, where for example, learn to swim programs have majority of the pool hours and less than 25% of operating hours are dedicated for drop-in programs and rentals. The facility design of phase I supports future expansion of phase II for a competition pool without interrupting programs at the recreation pool.

The proposed plan includes two phases, first the warm water recreation pool that can accommodate a range of programs for all ages and abilities, and a later phase with a separate cold water competition pool. All included features are based on the feasibility study recommendations which utilized community input, market research, and projections of demographics and community needs for the next 20+ years.

Phase 1 and Phase 2
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What are the proposed Recreation Pool amenities?

Recreation Pool AmenitiesPhase I includes a new 26,800 square foot facility for year-round recreation with features for all ages, abilities and interests with a warm water recreation pool.

  • Lap lane area with three 25-yard lanes with depths from 3'6" to 6'3"; can also be used for aquatic fitness programs, competition training, swim team, and some swim lessons.
  • An adjacent leisure pool area with beach (or zero depth) entry creating an accessible environment for everyone, especially helpful for individuals with limited mobility, and a safe introduction to water for all.
  • An area with an adjustable river current feature, which provides a fun recreation option, but also serves as a space for therapeutic and fitness programs, as well as swim lessons.
  • A shallow area with interactive play features for young children and families, and a separated water slide. These features enhance visitor experience as well as provide space for learn to swim programming.
  • Outside of the wet areas, the center includes some classroom space for trainings, education programs, fitness classes and community rentals such as birthday parties, and changing rooms, lockers and restrooms that can efficiently accommodate individuals and families.
Competition pool is needed. When will it be built?

Recreation Pool AmenitiesThe recreation pool will be built first as that supports the widest range of users from family play to swim lessons to therapy programs and aquatic fitness. As such the recreation pool can be sustainably operated as a standalone facility, whereas the competitive pool cannot, due to more limited use. The competition pool requires additional funding and a regional partner. The recreation pool will be designed in a way that can accommodate a future addition. The chosen site next to Si View Park accommodates a full buildout, including the competition pool.

What are the proposed Competition Pool amenities?

The preferred project concept plan calls for a phase II cold water competition lap pool that can accommodate many more aquatic activities including competitions, diving, water polo, and water safety trainings. This phase would also add more locker rooms, classrooms and flexible program space for community use.

  • 25-meters x 25-yards that can be configured for ten 8'-0" 25-yard lanes or eight 8'-0" 25-meter lanes
  • Depths from 3'6"–13'3"
  • 25-yard floating cage water polo
  • 1–meter springboards
  • Removable climbing wall
  • Additional locker rooms, maintenance and storage areas
  • 2,500 square foot multi–purpose room

What is a splash pad?

Recreation Pool AmenitiesSplash pads are community playgrounds that provide a safe and welcoming setting for aquatic play. Especially for visitors who don't know how to swim, these amenities provide introductory and accessible aquatic play. With creative designs including shade areas and comfortable seating, amenities attract visitors of all ages and abilities promoting family play. Much like playgrounds, splash pads can enhance quality of life for residents and build healthier communities.

Local residents have voiced a splash pad as a desired park amenity both in the aquatic center feasibility study as well as the 2022 City of North Bend Parks Survey. The preferred concept plan includes an outdoor splash pad with a variety of water and spray features with age-appropriate zones.

When a splash pad is installed, the design uses a plumbing system that uses little water as it recirculates the water from an onsite storage tank with a filtering and sanitizing process that keeps the water clean, and a comfortable temperature for water play.

What are family changing rooms?

Family changing rooms are standard at most newer facilities. Changing rooms are private, with the dressing area, toilet, sink and shower all in an enclosed space. Providing private changing rooms ensures everyone has access to the facility and it speeds up the process of getting in and out for family groups minimizing crowding and wait times, and in many cases splitting families up for the different gender changing rooms.

Where will the new aquatic center be built?

The final design and construction timeline is approximately two years from the point when full project funding is secured.

When will the new aquatic center be built?
Based on community preference for a central location in North Bend, Si View Park will be expanded to house the new aquatic center. In 2021, funds from the 2018 Capital Bond were used to purchase a vacant parcel on Orchard Drive across the street from Si View Park. At that time, a traffic analysis and a full project build out test fitting for the project area were completed to ensure site's suitability for this purpose. This site is uniquely situated in the heart of town, along a connected trail network with excellent walking/biking options, and with easy access from nearby neighborhoods as well as the greater community due to its proximity to I-90.

Designing a facility close to the community center allows for efficiencies in operations, creates overall better experience for park visitors, and provides opportunity for a site design that complements the existing neighborhood.

New Pool Project Site
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How will the new aquatic center impact the Si View neighborhood?

The aquatic center will be designed as a park space to complement the existing neighborhood. As with all District development projects, preservation of open space, retaining significant trees, and use of landscaping to enhance park user experience, will be used to achieve the desired outcome. The center will be accessed from Cedar Falls Way and Orchard Drive but not from SE 5th Street. The current dead-end at SE 5th and Orchard will be enhanced with landscaping and a pathway.

A traffic analysis was completed in 2021 confirms that the site is compatible for the proposed uses, including a full buildout of both phases. Link to the study. The location near Si View Community Center ensures programming and events can be scheduled in a way that avoids overcrowding either site.

What is the condition of Si View Pool?
No mechanical systems are designed to last forever. The systems at Si View Pool have served the community for many decades and while not visible to the everyday pool visitor, they are critical for operations. At 85 years of age, the mechanical systems of the pool are nearing the end of their useful lifespan. All facilities regardless of the age require regular ongoing maintenance, but the types of maintenance at Si View Pool are increasingly focused on temporary repairs to keep the systems running and safe for public use.

Why temporary? Given the aging infrastructure, some parts are simply not manufactured anymore and require finding work-arounds to keep systems operational. One example of a temporary repair is the cracking the pool. In 2015 rebar staples were drilled and epoxied along the larger cracks to slow them down. But these are temporary repairs, not a permanent solution. Similarly, the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are very old. A system failure would necessitate immediate action and while there is nothing that can't be replaced, a point will be reached that requires a lengthy shutdown and a great deal of added expense.

Condition of Current Pool
Do we really need a new aquatic center?
District residents have consistently voiced a need for a new aquatic center. The existing Si View Pool was built 84 years ago for a community of 600 residents, clearly not representative of today's needs. With just 2,500 sf of wet space, the pool simply undersized for the community with extensive waitlists for most programs. Currently less than 50% of students looking for swim lessons can be served, due to lack of space.

After over 80 years in service, and due to its aging systems and the footprint of the facility, the current pool is not a viable candidate for renovation to the extent needed to serve today's community. While it has been loved and well cared for, the mechanical systems are nearing the end of their useful lifespan. From plumbing to pumps, filters, heaters, and chemical treatment systems, the existing parts require custom care and have limited options for repairs due to their age. Major maintenance and upgrades are needed to continue to operate the pool in the coming years requiring significant investment as well as extended facility closures. A system failure could cause a catastrophically expensive emergency repair that results in lengthy facility closure.

The market analysis completed as part of the feasibility study confirms that there are no comprehensive, public, indoor aquatic/recreation facilities in the service area, and that the demographic make-up of the service area can support a large aquatic center that serves a variety of aquatics needs from learn to swim programs and recreational swimming to competitive swimming.

New Pool Project Site
How is the project funded?

The estimated cost including design and construction cost for the Phase I Si View Aquatic Center with a recreation pool will be updated in Spring of 2023. For reference, the August 2022 proposal of $30,341,732 was based on the current schematic Phase I design with construction starting in 2024. A new timeline will impact the overall cost.

Secured funding sources include $4 million King County Parks Levy Grant Award (availability confirmed through 2023), and $1.8 million from Si View Capital Improvement Projects Fund. The balance would be funded with proceeds from a capital bond measure.

How much will the project cost the taxpayers?

Capital measures collect a fixed overall total amount. Individual taxpayer cost is based on the assessed home value. As the overall valuation of the District grows with more homes and more businesses, there is a larger base to spread out the cost. This is when individual homeowner's share of a fixed cost goes down.

When the District determines to propose a capital measure to District voters, estimated monthly cost will be published. However, residents can access a tax transparency tool anytime for a detailed breakdown of their individual property taxes, including any proposals on upcoming ballot measures. This tool is available here

The District is committed to be as efficient as possible with Snoqualmie Valley resources by aligning project goals to coincide with any additional regional funding opportunities.

How are the estimated capital costs calculated?

The capital cost estimate for phase I development of the warm water recreation pool was originally prepared by Cumming as part of the feasibility study. This estimate was last updated in December 2021 to reflect construction cost escalation to 2024. In Spring 2023, the cost estimate will be updated again to ensure the latest information is used. The cost estimate is based on the proposed schematic design without any alterations. It includes Washington State Sales Tax.

Can current Si View Pool be expanded?

The cost to expand the current Si View Pool would be comparable to building a new center, given the aging infrastructure that would require rebuilding all mechanical systems. Another constraint is the facility site, which is not large enough to expand programming space to the level that is needed to serve the community's needs into the future without removing some of the existing Si View Park features.

What will happen to the current Si View Pool?

Future of the current Si View Pool space is open. While the community cannot sustainably support two aquatic centers, the current Si View Pool can be repurposed for another community use. A public planning process will be followed to determine the best use of the space. Given the landmark status of Si View Community Center and Pool, there are some restrictions that may affect renovation plans.

Are there potential partners to share to cost of project development?

The District has had discussions with both City of Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Valley School District for potential partnering options to deliver a regional aquatics center that serves the entire Snoqualmie Valley's needs. However, to-date, these discussions have not resulted in partnership agreements. City of Snoqualmie prefers any future aquatic facility development to be located on Snoqualmie Ridge, outside Si View boundaries. The School District's interests are for a competition pool to support student athletes, which could be achieved in a future phase.

What happens if Snoqualmie moves forward with the YMCA expansion with a pool?

According to the market analysis completed as part of the feasibility study, Snoqualmie Valley can support one large aquatic center with components included in the proposal. If another pool is built in the service area, which includes Snoqualmie, the plan would need to be modified to ensure sustainability. YMCA pools are private, where priority registration is given to facility members resulting in limiting public access.

What are the next steps?

Si View Commission will consider placing a capital bond measure in the November 2023 election based on community input received. The next steps in this process include:

  • November 2022-February 2023 community input collection and review
  • April 2023 updated project cost estimates available
  • June-July 2023 voter survey evaluating level of project support
  • August 2023 resolution due for November ballot measures
Past proposals did not pass, why are you considering a new proposal?

Si View has proposed a capital bond measure to construct a new community aquatic center in November 2020 and again in August 2022. While the measures narrowly missed the required 60% super majority, almost 58% of the community is in support of funding the project, making it a high priority for future investment to better serve identified community needs.

Why is the District not campaigning for the project?

As a public agency, when a proposal is presented to voters, the District can only provide factual proposal information on certain schedules per campaign laws. Any campaigning efforts would need to be coordinated by community volunteers who wish to advocate for the proposal, and not utilize District resources.

How do I vote in the November 2023 election?

If you are a District resident, and a registered voter in Washington State, you will receive a ballot in mid-October. The primary election is a mail-in election, completed ballots must be returned by November 7th. In North Bend, there is a drop-off box at the library. Deadlines for new voter registration and voter updates are available online. In-person registration/updates can be made up until election day.

Voter registration information: Click here
Si View District boundary map: Click here
Project Background

In 2019, the District completed a comprehensive aquatic center feasibility study that demonstrates a Snoqualmie Valley wide need for a new public aquatic center with programming options for all ages and abilities. The recommendations from this study have guided all our planning steps to-date.

In 2020, after surveying District residents for the level of support for funding aquatic center development and operations, two proposals were put forward in the November 2020 elections. The operations levy for future center operations passed, but the capital bond proposal for construction of phase I narrowly missed the required 60% super majority.

In 2021, a centrally located project site was acquired with funding from the 2018 Connect and Protect bond. The District worked with the community and collected input to determine what was missed in the prior year proposal and to reset a path forward. A traffic analysis for the newly acquired site was also completed.

In 2022, an updated cost estimate was completed, along with updates to concept plan on the new site. With grant funding secured, and a Spring resident survey supportive of a capital measure, Proposition 1 was place on the August ballot. While 57.8% of District voters were in support of funding the design and construction of a community aquatic center, the measure did not meet the required 60% super majority.

Going in to 2023, the District is considering alternates, pursuing cost estimates and collecting community input, with a goal of developing a new proposal to present in November 2023, providing our community an option for a new aquatic center in North Bend.

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us with any questions about the plans for a future aquatic center at (425) 831-1900 or email .