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Future Community Aquatic Center Plans

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Thank you for your support of Proposition 1 for Si View Aquatic Center

The results for Prop 1 for the August 2 primary election are in. While a majority of our District residents, 57.81%, have voiced their support for funding a new aquatic center at the ballot box, we fell short of the required 60% super majority. Thank You for casting your vote, your continued strong support, and for continuing to provide valuable input guiding this process.

The community need for a new aquatic center has not changed, this has been confirmed with numerous surveys, most recently in March of this year, when 76% of residents voiced strong support for the aquatic center concept. The current state of the aging Si View Pool has also not changed, where a major overhaul of mechanical systems, and extensive structural and plumbing repairs are all inevitable at some point.

We will continue our work with the community to explore options. We'll collect additional resident input to determine how the District should move forward. Please contact us with questions and comments at or call us at (425) 831-1900.

Proposition 1 | August 2, 2022
Addressing Current and Future Aquatic Needs

Proposition 1 August 2, 2022The community's only public aquatic facility, the Si View Pool, is too small to serve our growing Snoqualmie Valley population. Addressing this need is a high priority for our District residents, with 75% of residents in support of the proposed aquatic center. Prop 1 is a $24.8M capital bond measure to fund a new aquatic center in North Bend, replacing the 84-year old Si View Pool.

This project consists of a new 26,800 square foot facility for year-round recreation with features for all ages, abilities and interests. The facility design can accommodate a variety of programs at the same time, greatly expanding options and access to aquatic and community programs.

The new center will be constructed on District owned land across the street from Si View Park in North Bend. The area is along the connected trail network, is bikeable and walkable from nearby neighborhoods, and has easy access to I-90 and SR-202 to serve the entire District.

We encourage you to contact us with questions about this project at (425) 831-1900 or email .

Proposition 1 Flyer

Project Details

The facility is designed to respond to the needs of our growing community for expanded aquatic programming for all ages and abilities ensuring everyone has access to learn to swim programming, therapeutic and wellness classes, water fitness programs, safety trainings, competition training, and unstructured family play. A recreation pool can accommodate all these needs.

Interior rendering
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New Aquatic Center Amenities

  • Lap lane area with three 25-yard lanes that can also be used for aquatic fitness programs, competitive training, and swim lessons.
  • Leisure play area that accommodates multiple uses with a river current feature; also serves therapeutic, and fitness needs as well as swim lessons.
  • Zero-depth entry with accessible environment for everyone, especially helpful for individuals with limited mobility.
  • Interactive play features for young children and families, and a separated water slide with shallow water landing.
  • Classroom space for trainings, education programs, fitness classes and community rentals.
  • Universal family and single stall style changing rooms, and restrooms.
  • Indoor and outdoor community gathering areas.
  • Facility design and site that can support future expansion.

The included leisure play features are designed to be scheduled during other programming, as an additional revenue source that provides financial support for overall pool operations. All these features fit in a 26,800 sf footprint that is designed in a way that can accommodate a later phase with a separate competition pool. The biggest difference to current pool operations aside from the sheer size of the facility is the functionality with much improved ability to operate programs concurrently serving a variety of user groups at the same time. Instead of setting your alarm for a 5:30am lap swim, your options can be expanded to more popular hours of the day. Similarly, rather than waiting for the once-a-week family swim time, the leisure pool can accommodate that any day of the week.

Phase 1 and Phase 2
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Outside Funding

Prop 1 is a $24.8M capital bond measure to fund a new aquatic center in North Bend. Si View Metro Parks was recently awarded a one-time $4M King County Parks Levy Grant Award towards design and construction of the aquatic center project that significantly lowers the needed community investment. $1.7M has been allocated towards the project from Si View's CIP fund. Together with Prop 1, these sources would fully fund the design and construction of a new aquatic center based on the current schematic design and for construction in 2024.

Approval of Proposition 1 would cost the District homeowner, with an assessed home value of $600,000 in 2022, $9.75 per month. District residents approved operations and maintenance levy to support the future aquatic center in November 2020.

Project Site

Based on community preference for a central location, we plan to expand Si View Park to house the future aquatic center. In 2021, funds from the 2018 Capital Bond were used to purchase a vacant parcel on Orchard Drive to for a future aquatic center. During that process, a traffic analysis and a full project build out test fitting for the project area were completed to ensure site's suitability for this purpose. This site is uniquely situated in the heart of town, along a connected trail network with excellent walking/biking options, and with easy access from nearby neighborhoods as well as the greater community due to its proximity to I-90. Designing a facility close to the community center allows for efficiencies in operations, creates overall better experience for park visitors, and provides opportunity for a site design the complements the existing neighborhood.

New Pool Project Site
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Future Phase II

The first phase of the project is designed in a way that a competition pool can be added in the future on the same site when funding is available. This would be a separate large, lap pool with varying depths up to 13'3" to accommodate many more aquatic activities including competitions, diving, water polo, and water safety trainings.

Proposed Phase II amenities include a cool water pool with:

  • 25-meters x 25-yards
  • 6,216 square feet
  • Depths from 3'6"-13'3"
  • Ten 8'-0" 25-yard lanes
  • Eight 8'-0" 25-meter lanes
  • 25-yard floating cage water polo
  • 1-meter springboards
  • Removable climbing wall
  • Associated locker rooms, maintenance and storage areas
And community spaces including:
  • 2,500 square foot multi-purpose room
  • Additional locker rooms
Future Phase 11
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Project Background

District residents have voiced a need for a new aquatic center. The existing Si View Pool was built over 80 years ago for a community that is just a fraction of today's population. With 2,500 sf of wet space, it is simply undersized for the community with extensive waitlists for most programs. Expansion of the current facility is not feasible on the scale that is needed to serve our residents given the footprint of the building and site constraints. We also need to recognize that operating the aging infrastructure of the current Si View Pool will continue to require increased investment in maintaining and replacing equipment that is at the end of its useful lifespan. These types of major repairs may require extended closures and/or further limit community access to aquatic services.

In 2019, the District completed a comprehensive aquatic center feasibility study that demonstrates a Snoqualmie Valley wide need for a new public aquatic center with programming options for all ages and abilities. The recommendations from this study have guided all our planning steps to-date.

In 2020, after surveying District residents for the level of support for funding aquatic center development and operations, two proposals were put forward in the November 2020 elections. The operations levy for future center operations passed, but the capital bond proposal for construction of phase I narrowly missed the required 60% majority.

In 2021, a centrally located project site was acquired with funding from the 2018 Connect and Protect bond. The District worked with the community and collected input to determine what was missed in the prior year proposal and to reset a path forward. A traffic analysis for the newly acquired site was also completed.

In early 2022, an updated cost estimate was completed, along with updates to concept plan on the new site. With grant funding secured, and resident survey results expected in early Spring, the next step is to determine a timeline for when propose the project to District residents.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions about the plans for a future aquatic center at (425) 831-1900 or email .