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Meadowbrook Farm Park

1711 Boalch Avenue, North Bend WA 98045
Meadowbrook Farm is 460 acres of historic public open space, located within the cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend. The birthplace of the Snoqualmie tribe, this land was maintained for thousands of years by the Snoqualmies as a hunting and food-growing prairie. Early white settlers homesteaded the land for farms, which were consolidated during the late 1800s to form the world’s largest hop ranch. Subsequent farmers raised crops, dairy herds, green chop and hay.

Meadowbrook Farm

The land was acquired as jointly owned public open space by the cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend in 1996 for wildlife habitat, historic and cultural interpretation, ongoing agriculture, and public recreation. Today much of Meadowbrook Farm remains open field and wetland forest, as it has been for centuries. The park offers passive recreational opportunities, including nature appreciation, trails, environmental interpretation, and native habitat protection.

Meadowbrook Farm MapThrough a cooperative agreement with the cities, Si View Metropolitan Park District manages the site and coordinates the use of the Interpretive Center. Come walk across the meadow and through the woods, join a class or just admire the view of this beautiful place. Remember, the Meadowbrook Farm area is ancestral land and sacred to the Snoqualmie People: please visit respectfully and care for the land, the wildlife and the native plants that live here.


Both paved and soft surface trails are available on site for public use. Please park in designated areas only. The paved trail between the Interpretive Center and Centennial Fields is approximately 1.5 miles round trip. The Dike Road loop trail offers access to view Mary Louie Art Installation and connects to the regional Snoqualmie Valley Trail. The Meadow loop trail is seasonal and can be quite muddy in the winter. A new Meadowbrook Prairie trail, to improve pedestrian trail connectivity through the prairie, is currently in design. Learn more about this project here.

Wildlife Viewing

Meadowbrook Farm MapMeadowbrook is home to an abundance of wildlife. Elk herds use many of the habitats on the site and are often seen grazing on Meadowbrook Farm. Early morning and twilight are ideal times to see animals, and for the best viewing pets should stay at home. Always observe wildlife from a distance, preferably downwind. If an animal becomes nervous or moves away, you are too close. Keep voices down and use binoculars for better viewing. Do not disturb animals in mating season, particularly bull elk in the fall rutting season.

Interpretive Center

Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive CenterA 2,400 square-foot Interpretive Center is located on the property, providing meeting space for public and private events, classes and community programs. With an open interior, wood-beam construction, large sliding doors that open to terrific views of Mt. Si, the Interpretive Center is a perfect location for weddings, family reunions, and other events.

Learn more about programming at the Center offered by Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association here.

For information about renting Meadowbrook Farm for private events, please click here.

Enjoy your visit!