Si View Metropolitan Park District

Si View Indoor Playground

Ready. Set. Play! Si View Indoor Playground is a great opportunity for young kids ages 0-5 to practice social skills while their grownups make connections with local families during the school year. The spacious indoor setting offers lots of room to run and jump, opportunities for imaginative play, and best of all, new friendships. IPG operates on Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30AM-11:00AM at the Si View gym.

Note that IPG does not operate during school breaks. You can register in two ways:

  • Pre-register for a full calendar month that includes all available dates, this gives you a carefree option to come any day or all days that work for your family schedule. Monthly cost varies based on number of available play dates. (base daily rate is R: $2.00 | NR: $2.40)
    — Jan 3-31 (no 1/15, 1/22)
    — Feb 5-28 (no 2/19, 2/21)
    — Mar 4-27
    — Apr 1-29 (no 4/8, 4/10)
  • Drop-in for a single day visit to fit your family schedule. Daily visit cost is R $2.50 | NR $3.00.
Monthly Enrollment
Daily Enrollment
Si View Indoor Playground
Si View Indoor Playground