Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Si View Soccer and Football

Cascade FC Futures Soccer

Cascade FC Futures Soccer Programs offer young children the perfect introduction to the world's most popular sport! Our unique games based approach to teaching soccer provides every child the opportunity to develop motor skills, social skills, coordination and general athletic ability in a stimulating, motivating, educational environment. All participants 5 and older are required to wear shin guards. (Shin guards are optional for 3-4 year olds, but encouraged.)

Flag Football

Experience the excitement of football with Skyhawks Flag Football fueled by USA Football. Using a curriculum developed by the experts from USA Football, coaches teach skills like passing, receiving, kicking and flag pulling. Participants gain confidence and learn important life lessons in a fun, positive environment.

STEEL Individual Development Soccer

Spring is in the air when soccer returns to the Park! The basis of the STEEL Elite Individual Development Program is practice the important fundamentals of the game while implementing games and competitions along the way.


Futsal is a five-a-side game (4v4 plus a goalie), played indoors or out, on a small-sided pitch with a hard, smooth surface, like a basketball court. Players are constantly put in situations where they must pass, receive, dribble and move, while under pressure, in a confined space. Many of the benefits of playing Futsal are transferable to the outdoor soccer game. In fact, two very important soccer components are: (1) having good technique, i.e. foot-skills; and (2) developing a creative, tactical mind, or speed of play. Playing Futsal teaches both components better than any other indoor format. Futsal is an excellent development tool for kids of all ages!