Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking programs resume on trails and at the pump track in May. In the meantime, we encourage you to ride local trails and stay in the know of volunteer opportunities. Construction of 2.1 miles of new mountain biking trails at Tennant Trailhead Park is happening this winter, and that means work parties! Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is doing the trail construction of phase I. There will be opportunities to help shape these trails throughout this project. For details, please contact Evergreen MTB trail coordinator Brandon at today!

Fun at the Pump Track!

Calling all kiddos on balance bikes! Learn some tips and tricks to have more fun and more confidence at the pump track. Build foundational skills that will carry over to eventual progression on a pedal bike. Have fun with other kiddos in this 3-week class. Parents are required to attend with their child. Participants are required to provide their own bike & helmet Ages 2-5.

Pump Track Dig & Ride!
North Bend Community Stewardship day with Evergreen Mountain Biking!

Join Evergreen and Si View Parks for a morning at the North Bend Pump Track! Whether you’re an expert rider, or just getting started in the mountain biking world, we would love to have you join us for a morning of community building and riding. There will also be coffee and treats available to volunteers!

Saturday May 20, 10:00AM-2:00PM

Torguson Park Pump Track, 750 E North Bend Way All ages and anyone interested in biking or using the pump track welcome!


Meet & greet social time with biking community, professional builders! Time for some coffee and treats to start the day! Learn about different classes and events happening at Si View this summer!


We dig! Help repair berms, clear drains, and make sure the pump track is ready to roll for a busy summer season!


We ride! Enjoy the fruits of the labor with some laps around the track!

Sweetlines Pump Track Attack!

Learn how to mountain bike and flow the pump track under the guidance of our amazing coaches! Pumping rollers, railing berms, playing bike games, eating snacks, and having fun are all part of this program! In addition to becoming better riders, you will also make friends and grow as individuals. 3 week course for novice to intermediate level riders. Please check our gear list:

MTB Airbag Sessions

Mountain bikers of all ages and abilities have the unique opportunity to work on their jumping skills with 3 different sized airbag landers. Coach Robbie will provide feedback and demonstration in a safe and controlled setting. Each session is two hours. Registration options will include start times between 8AM and 4PM. Contact Zach Todd with questions!

Mountain Biking Classes

Join us at the pump track in this introductory series, geared towards youth seeking to have fun at the pump track, improve their skills, and become stronger, more confident riders. Each day we'll focus on 1-2 skills in depth while on the track. Riders will receive feedback and guidance from our experienced instructors in a relaxed and fun setting while getting plenty of riding time. Participants are responsible for their own gear such as bike, helment, elbow guards etc.


Riders in the beginner class will meet at the Torguson Pump Track. Participants will focus on bike setup & rider etiquette, getting on & off the bike. Braking, shifting gears, standing up while coasting, & pedaling. They will also learn and practice the differences between passive and active pumping, riding bermed and flat turns.


Riders in the Intermediate class will meet at Raging River. In addition to beginner skills participants will learn how to use their dropper post or adjust their own seat for climbing, shifting smoothly while climbing & descending, switchback turns & berms. Active and passive pumping, identifying braking points & best lines.


Riders will meet at Raging River. In addition to beginner and intermediate skills, advanced riders will practice at higher speeds than intermediate riders, with more climbing. Riders will work on featuring off natural terrain & carrying speed through bermed turns.

My First Pedal Bike

Evergreen Mountain Biking classes are back this Fall. Has your kddo mastered the balance bike and is itching for the next step? Learn some tips and tricks on making the transition to have more fun and more confidence at the pump track. Build foundational bike skills and have fun with other kiddos in this 4 week class! Participants are required to provide their own bike.

How to Pump Track!