Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Youth Special Interest Classes


In this 6-week creative arts class, students will have the opportunity to learn about art concepts and terminology and apply the elements and principles of art while exploring a variety of art media; including acrylic and watercolor paints, oil and chalk pastels, regular colored and watercolor pencils, clay, and textiles. Designed for new and returning students of different ages and abilities, young artists will learn techniques and gain new skills to create unique and expressive works of art each day. There might even be some fun homework! No previous experience necessary. Class fee includes all child-friendly materials, and your child will receive an art kit to keep. Creating art can be messy; please have your artist dress appropriately!

Holiday Gift Workshops

Join us to create one-of-a-kind hand-crafted art gifts for this holiday season! This is a great opportunity for your child to learn and apply some art skills while making gorgeous gifts for someone special. In each workshop, young artists will create two unique gifts and decorate a gift bag for each. Workshop fee includes all child-friendly materials. Creating art can be messy – please have your artist dress appropriately!

Create with Clay

In this 6-week class, students will experience kiln-fire and air-dry clays, learning and applying the various techniques hand building techniques resulting in unique works of art. Artists will also learn about the science of glazing and firing clay. The class is designed for both new and returning students, and most projects will have a seasonal theme. Some projects will be ready to take home throughout the session, and some will be kiln-fired and ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after the session ends. Fee includes firing and all child-friendly materials. Working with clay can be messy, so have your artist dress appropriately!

Kids Night Out

It's time for Kids Night Out (and a night off for parents!). This program is open to students in grades K-7. Please register by the Wednesday prior. Take some time for yourself; grab dinner and a movie or just relax at home while the kids have a great time at Si View Community Center playing games, watching movies, and age appropriate activites. Pizza dinner included!

Big Flips Gymnastics

This class will provide instruction for girls and boys who would like to learn beginning-intermediate skills. The teachers will teach to each individual child's particular skill level. Skills will be taught on Bars, Beam, Vaulting, and Tumbling. The great benefits of gymnastics are the increased flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, discipline and power through their training. Gymnastics is great preparation for all other sports!

Safe Kids 101 Home Alone

How do parents know when their child is ready to stay home alone? What should your child know about first aid, choking, fire prevention or aggressive dogs? Don't know how to initiate the discussion on stranger danger, abduction, abuse or digital safety, like cyberbullying or sexting? This class has you covered, teaching your child how to be safer at home and in the community! All participants will receive the Safe Kids 101 book. Bring a water bottle and a snack

Polite Kids 101

Would a manners class help your child stay on track with kind and respectful living? Look no further! This 2½-hour class includes how to introduce yourself and others, interrupting politely, how to set a basic table setting, table manners, being a guest in someone's home, and birthday party manners. All participants will receive a Polite Kids 101 handbook. To allow your child to practice some of what they learn, a light snack of crackers and cheese, apple slices and carrot sticks will be served, so please let us know of any food allergies. Bring a healthy beverage and additional nut-free snack.

Mando's Academy Disc Golf

South Fork Landing is home to one of the best Disc Golf courses in the area! This Disc Golf 101 class will teach the rules and skills of the game, along with different throws. 3 discs will be provided along with prizes along the way. Final day will be a tournament.