Si View Metropolitan Park District

Agricultural Programs

Tollgate Farm Park is uniquely suited to connect the community with food through farm-based experimental learning opportunities including vegetable farming and growing small livestock, u-pick opportunities for the public, youth programs and camps, workshops for adults and operating a farm stand. Learn more about Tollgate Farm and farmers practicing on site here.

Family Programs

Guided Goat Walks

Join us for an adventurous walk along the Tollgate Farm Park loop trail. Each participant will have a four legged buddy - goat, sheep, or alpaca (depending on availability) to accompany you on your stroll. This is a group activity, with up to 6 participants per outing. Spice up your stroller outing with the kids, or invite a date! This is fun for kids of all ages. Walks last approximately 45 minutes. Participating children must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for leading your animal companion.

Farm Animal Encounters

Join us for a one-hour animal encounter with our resident Alpacas, Goats, Sheep, Piglets, Ducks, Bunnies and Chickens at the Tollgate Farm Barn. Each participant will have an opportunity to feed, snuggle and scratch our farm friends. We'll answer all your questions and share some fun farm facts. Participating children must be accompanied by an adult.

Adult Programs

Sheep & Goats 101 – Husbandry

Sheep and Goats are an excellent source of a variety of homestead products; meat, milk, fiber and lawn care. In this hands-on workshop we'll discuss the basics of husbandry including feeding, breeding, healthcare, and routine maintenance (including hoof trimming).

Sheep & Goats 102 – Goat Milking

Goat milk has the closest protein structure to human milk, and is subsequently the most easily digested by the human body. Those with lactose intolerance are often able to drink goats milk with our negative side effects. Join us for an hour of demonstration and hands-on experience milking our small herd of goats. We'll discuss food safety, best practices, milk processing and technique.

"Out Standing" In the Field – Raising Livestock On Pasture

Join our resident farmer as we walk our fields and discuss our pasture-based livestock system. This is an excellent primer for learning about the basics of portable electric fencing, portable pasture shelters, and some of the benefits and challenges of raising livestock on pasture.