Si View Metropolitan Park District

Conduct in Our Parks

PARK HOURS 7AM UNTIL DUSK DAILY. Exceptions may apply. Please contact us by phone at 425-831-1900 or email for additional information.

Si View Metro Parks strives to enhance the quality of life for all community residents through facilitation of recreation programs and parks in the Snoqualmie Valley. All park users must adhere to park rules. Failure to comply can result in criminal trespass charges.


Hate Has No Home In Our Parks

Si View Metropolitan Park District strives to create an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to equity, inclusion and belonging, and seek to act in ways such that every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, age, disability status, or financial means feels welcome, safe, respected and a valued part of our community. Community members are encouraged to report all hate crimes and bias related incidents. If a situation feels dangerous or the crime is ongoing, you should call 911. Bias-related incidents can also be reported by calling the police non-emergency number at 425-888-3333. Incidents in King County can also be reported online to Coalition Against Hate and Bias

Si View MPD Gender Equity Policy

The Si View Metropolitan Park District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex in the conduct, operation or administration of community athletic programs or sports facilities. All District employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers and third party sponsors working in or providing community athletics programs are required to abide by District policy and to comply with the requirements of the "Fair Play in Community Sports Act". Any citizen who feels she or he has been the victim of discriminatory treatment in violation of District policy should report this concern to the Executive Director for the Si View Metropolitan Park District.

E-bikes in our Parks

While e-bikes are allowed in many parks and on local trails, the Torguson Park pump track is only open to riders on non-motorized bicycles. For safety all riders at the pump track, E-bikes are not allowed.

Drones in District Parks

Use of motorized model aircraft in District managed and District owned parks is subject to permission from the District. This practice assures that expectations and requirements set forth by the FAA are adhered to, and that activities will not unduly interfere with the use of park facilities by the general public. For permission, please contact Travis Stombaugh, Executive Director at (425) 831-1900 .

Park Reservations

Certain park spaces i.e. picnic shelters and sports fields may be reserved for private use. Commercial use of public park spaces requires a commercial vendor permit. More information here.