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Martial Arts at Si View Community Center

Focus | Determination | Courage | Teamwork | Compassion | Balance
Effort | Self-discipline | Technique | Responsibility
Accuracy | Gratitude | Patience | Respect | Perseverance | Loyalty

Karate Classes

April Classes    
Welcome to our martial arts training for youth and adults! We believe and teach the concept that our students need to be well-rounded, educated, competent individuals. We believe that encouragement works better than threats in motivating students to work harder and to push themselves through mental plateaus encountered in their training. We are systematic in acknowledging our students’ achievements, whether in the martial arts or in their outside lives. Life skills are incorporated to our curriculum throughout the year, for application at home, in school, and in their martial arts training including:

All students will need a karate uniform. Uniforms can be purchased from the instructor; cost is $40, payable to the instructor in cash or check. Students have opportunities for belt testing in the Fall and Spring. Tournaments are held several times a year, participation is optional.

Our classes are open to students ages 6 to adult, and all skill levels. This class structure allows families to train together, and a supportive setting where younger students gain knowledge from older, more experienced students. Group size is limited to 12 students per class.

Summer Class Schedule (May-August)

Summer classes are held outdoors at Si View Park when weather permits (indoors at the community center in inclement weather). Students can register for classes on a month-tomonth basis, or for the full 4-month semester. Month to month registration and payment is required by the first day of each new month to stay active in the program. 4-month enrollment registration and payment for the Summer session is due by May 10. The 4-month rate includes a 20% discount

Class Options

We offer several options for class times to meet the needs of families. It is important that students attend the days and times that they are registered for. Choose from these options:

Mon & Wed4:30PM-5:30PM
Mon & Wed5:45PM-6:45PM
Mon & Wed7:00PM-8:00PM
Tue & Thu4:30PM-5:30PM
Tue & Thu5:45PM-6:45PM
Tue & Thu7:00PM-8:00PM
Karate Summer Camp

Interested in martial arts? Join our weeklong summer camps with Sensei Michael Morris. These camps offer a great introduction to the Mt Si School of Karate programs as well as an option for current students to practice their skills. Weather permitting, we'll train outdoors, wear comfortable athletic clothes and bring a water bottle.

Class Communications

Mt Si School of Karate shares information through Si View Metro Parks email system. Please make sure your email is set to accept messages from and to ensure notices are not going to junk mail. We also ask that you check in with Si View staff when you arrive to class at the beginning of each month to confirm your registration status and communication preferences.

“Sensei Michael is amazing with the kids, he has the right mixture of kindness, understanding and discipline. He focuses on the kids as a whole and has a class instead of just on the moves - he really understands the individuals in the classes.”
“I like the accessibility of the program. I like the flexibility of the people - in the class and at Si View. I like that it feels like ‘family.’”
Si View Martial Arts