Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Tollgate Farm Park

1300 West North Bend Way, North Bend WA 98045
Tollgate Farm Park is a favorite with both locals and out of town visitors. The 410-acre historic farm property and open space is owned by the City of North Bend and the amenities have been developed and are maintained and programmed by Si View Metropolitan Park District. The park offers an array of recreational experiences to all visitors from scenic walking trails to playground, picnic areas, agricultural programs, and open fields for sports. Parking access is from North Bend Way near the playground and Bendigo Boulevard North by the Farmstead.
The full exterior gravel trail loop measures 1 mile. The loop around the pasture measures 0.8 miles while the loop closest to the playground is 0.5 miles long. A short 0.3 mile connector trail from the Farmhouse provides access to the regional Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Watch for farm equipment near the Barn as this area is in active use. Please always keep pets leashed. Elk are known visitors to this park, you can enjoy wildlife from distance but please don't approach wildlife.

Play Fields and Picnic Area
The playfields have been recently improved and are in use for youth and adult sports, including cricket and soccer. Click here for field reservations. The open picnic areas can be reserved for birthday parties and family gatherings, learn more here.

Ribbon Cutting Tollate 2023Tollgate Park site is uniquely suited to connect the community with food through farm-based experimental learning opportunities including vegetable farming and growing small livestock, u-pick opportunities for the public, youth programs and camps, workshops for adults and a future farm stand. The Tollgate Barn is now operational with community programs. The Farmstead parking area is located at 901 Bendigo Boulevard North.

Later in 2023, the farmhouse kitchen will get the final finishing touches with cabinetry and appliances. Tollgate Park improvement projects have been supported by the community through capital bond measures, and grant programs such as the Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Grant and King County 4 Culture Saving Landmarks Grant that have funded to rehabilitation of the farmhouse for use as a community space. King County Youth and Amateur Sports Grant program funded rehabilitation of the central meadow for natural grass multi-use fields designed for two full size cricket fields with alternate use as soccer fields suitable for both youth and adult use.

Enjoy your visit!

Tollgate Farm Park