Tollgate Farm Park

Tollgate Farm Park

1300 West North Bend Way, North Bend WA 98045

Welcome to Tollgate Farm Park

Tollgate Farm Park is a favorite with both locals and out of town visitors. With grand views of the surrounding Cascade Mountains, walking trails with interpretive signage highlighting areaís rich history, childrenís playground and large open fields, the site is a regional jewel.

The 410-acre historic farm property and open space is owned by the City of North Bend and the amenities have been developed, and are maintained and programmed by Si View Metropolitan Park District. The scenic agricultural pasture of the central meadow has unobstructed views of Mt. Si and the Cascade Mountains and is considered a local and regional icon. Tollgate Farm Park offers an array of recreational experiences to all visitors from scenic walking trails to playground, picnic areas and open fields. Parking access is from North Bend Way, in addition there are several pedestrian/bicycle access points to the trail as marked on the map (below).

The full exterior gravel trail loop measures 1 mile. The loop around the pasture measures 0.8 miles while the loop closest to the playground is 0.5 miles long. A short connector trail from the Farmhouse provides access to the regional Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Please keep pets leashed at all times. Elk are known visitors to this area, you can enjoy wildlife from distance but please donít approach wildlife. Depending on the season, you may also see cattle grazing the pasturelands. Human food is not healthy for the cows, please do not feed them. Tollgate Park is a working farm, please proceed with caution when large equipment is on site.

Thanks to generous support Si View Metropolitan Park District continues to work on improving amenities at this park. Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley has awarded grants in 2018 and 2019 for additional benches along the Tollgate Farm Park trails to enhance visitor experience. The Farmhouse at Tollgate Park received a grant award from Washington State Heritage Capital Projects program in the amount of $270,000 to rehabilitate the interior of the farmhouse for use as a community space. This project is currently under construction. The District was also awarded a $250,000 grant to rehabilitate the central meadow open space adjacent to the playground to natural grass multi-use fields designed for two full size cricket fields with alternate use as soccer fields suitable for both youth and adult use. The field renovation project will resume in spring 2020.

Enjoy your visit!

Tollgate Farm Park