Si View Adult Special Interest Classes

Si View Adult Classes - Special Interest

Adult program offerings at Si View include drop-in group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor sports leagues, wellness classes and martial arts program, special interest workshops and more. These programs are a great opportunity to meet local neighbors, build new friendships and community involvement while engaging in healthy activities.

Early registration is encouraged as sometimes programs are cancelled because people wait to the last minute to register. Our registration process is based on trimesters: winter season January-April with registration opening mid-December, spring season May-August with registration opening mid-April, and fall season September-December with registration opening mid-August.

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Ballroom Dancing - Adults
Instructor: John Gibson

Anyone can learn to partner dance and have fun on the dance floor. Swing “Jitterbug” dancing is one of the most fun and easiest to learn dances. This 5 week beginning course is for either those new to swing dancing or who are rusty and want to again start at the beginning. The upbeat, slowpaced class will cover the basics of partner swing dancing. Each class will include practice time with a variety of upbeat fun swing music. No previous partner dance experience is required. No partner is required and leather soled shoes are recommended.

Adult/Senior Tap
Drop In Class
Instructor: Cristie Coffing

You are never too old to make some noise! Let yourself go in this beginning/intermediate tap class! Learn basic steps and rhythms, traveling time steps and shuffles! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your tap shoes the first day!

Oh, no! You cancelled it! Sometimes programs are cancelled because people wait too long to register. Please register EARLY to avoid disappointment!
Introduction to Beekeeping

Honeybees are fun to keep in the backyard for their honey, pollination, and personal enjoyment. This two-day class is a family-oriented study of sustainable beekeeping without using medications, treatments or harsh chemicals. It is open to all age levels and is intended to provide new beekeepers everything necessary to plan for and maintain an apiary in the spring.

Photography Class

Ready to move out of “auto” mode and get the most out of your DSLR? This 4 week, in-depth and hands-on beginner class will fully cover the essential components of shooting in manual mode, giving you the confidence and necessary skills to take photos that match your vision. Whether you want to capture Washington’s beautiful landscapes or take better photos of your kids or anything in between, this workshop is perfect for getting you started in your photography journey and creating images that WOW! Daily shooting and participation in weekly homework assignments are encouraged in order to get the most out of this course.