Si View Metropolitan Park District

Si View Parks and Facilities

Snoqualmie Valley has exceptional parks, recreation facilities and a connected network of multi-use trails. Si View Metro Parks is one of several agencies developing and maintaining local park spaces in partnership with the community. Through cooperative agreements, Si View Metro Parks actively manages over 900 acres of parklands, and four community buildings.

The district actively works with the community to improve qualify of life for residents by investing in park infrastructure. These improvements continue to enhance area recreation programs and parks and ensures facilities will be here for future generations. Over the last 10 years, the District has invested $18M to park and facilities improvements.

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For questions about reserving Si View parks and facilities for rental use, please call 425-831-1900.

Commercial use of public park spaces such as trails, shelters or sports fields, requires a commercial vendor permit. For more information, please contact us at 425-831-1900 or .