Si View Metropolitan Park District

Before & After School Program

Si View Before & After School Program offers a safe and enriching place for K-5 students attending NBE or OES. This is a great program for kids who want to be active and academically successful. Through enrichment activities and homework time, participants gain new skills, create lasting friendships, and develop healthy habits.

2024-2025 school year care registration opens Thursday June 6th at 12PM for new families to the program. You can register online or by phone (425) 831-1900. At the time of registration, you will need to pay an annual non-refundable registration fee of $50 (R) | $60 (NR). This fee holds a space in the program for your child for the school year. Monthly tuition for school care is due by the fifth business day of each month beginning in September. Financial need-based scholarships are available.

2024-25 School Year Rate Sheet

Monthly registration
Daily registration
Before School Care
Morning care is offered on all school days at Si View Community Center from 6:30AM to school start with school bus transportation to NBE/OES.
After School Care
Afternoon care is offered on all school days at NBE and OES from school release until 6:30PM including early release days. NEW for Fall 2024: All after school care options have moved to school sites from Si View Community Center.
No School Day and School Break Camps
Full day programs are available at Si View Community Center for an additional fee on most non-school days and school breaks.
Registration Options
  • Monthly Enrollment includes AM, PM or Combo care for all school days, regardless of attendance. School holidays are not included. Tuition is divided to 9 full month payments and 1 half-month payment (June).
  • 2+ Days Per Week Enrollment is an option for a minimum of 2 regularly scheduled days per week. Days selected are non-transferable ( between days and/or children), regardless of attendance. Additional days may be added, if space is available.

Si View School care follows SVSD inclement weather protocols. In the event of school care program cancellations / delays, information is posted on Si View Metro Parks homepage.

For more information about this program, please contact Josh Conlee .

After School Programs

Coding with Kids at FCE

Do you love playing games and telling stories? If you do, then this course is perfect for you! Get ready to learn how to code and express your creativity. We'll be using Scratch, a fun drag-and-drop coding tool which lets you create cool games, animations, and interactive stories. In this course, you will build exciting projects like games where characters jump and run on scrolling platforms, stories where you can navigate through a maze, and even multiplayer games to play with your friends! If you're just starting out, we'll begin by learning the basics of coding games. We'll teach you how to make things happen in your games using loops, conditions, and variables. Returning students will move on to more interesting concepts like using special conditions and making functions that can do different tasks. For those who want an extra challenge, we'll explore advanced topics like game physics, working with arrays (a way to store lots of information), and even adding artificial intelligence to your games!

Chess at FCE

All About Chess classes are tailored to the ability of the students, all skill levels are welcome. A typical class begins with a relaxed practice game to warm up. We then go on to a focused lesson that will build on lessons throughout the session. This can include basic opening strategies, tactics, and many of the major checkmate patterns. Then, depending on the week, students practice what they have been learning with games against their peers, play fun variant chess games, solve puzzles, or practice their checkmate patterns. Sportsmanship is stressed throughout.

Yoga at FCE

In this yoga/mindfulness class, children will learn valuable tools to self-regulate, calm anxiety, improve coordination & balance, and develop strength & flexibility. Each class will consist of a different theme or adventure to keep kids engaged. Growth mindset coaching will be incorporated into the class through the use of storytelling and meditation. Yoga also brings children a sense of peace and empowerment to manage their bodies and emotions in fun and creative ways!

Drama Club at FCE

An introductory storybook theater drama class, working together to put on a play adapted from your favorite fairy tales. Performance for family and friends during the final class.

Awesome Art at NBE

In this 5-week creative arts class, students will have the opportunity to learn about art concepts and terminology and apply the elements and principles of art while exploring a variety of art media – including acrylic and watercolor paints, oil and chalk pastels, clay, and textiles. Designed for students of different ages and abilities, young artists will learn techniques and gain new skills to create unique and expressive works of art each day. There might even be some fun homework! No previous experience necessary. Class fee includes all child-friendly materials. Creating art can be messy – please have your artist dress appropriately!

Junior Robotics at NBE

Students will use LEGO Education’s WeDo robotics system for budding engineers to explore the different aspects of robotics and programming through several fun and easy builds. Spinning tops, drumming monkeys, and snapping crocodiles are just a few of our fun builds.

Drama Club at NBE

An introductory storybook theater drama class, working together to put on a play adapted from your favorite fairy tales. Performance for family and friends during the final class.

Bike Club at NBE

Students will have an awesome time learning about bicycle safety as we bike to and explore a variety of local parks. Meet at the bike rack outside the NBE library with your helmet and bike!

School Break Camps

No School Day Camps

School is out for the day, come to Si View and play! Our no school day camps are open to all K-5th grade students and include a full day of activities. Structure camp activities run 9AM to 4PM, extended care from 6:30AM to 6:30PM included. Be sure to pack a lunch and snacks for a busy day of playing!

    Day Camp – June 19   
School Break Camp

Si View Break camps offer a full week of fun for K-5th graders. Campers will explore the best activities from our summer collection. Structured camp activities run from 9AM to 4PM, extended care hours from 6:30AM to 6:30PM are included. Be sure to, pack a lunch, labeled reusable water bottle and snacks for a busy day of playing!

Spring Break Camp