Si View Metropolitan Park District

Si View Dance Program

The Dance Program at Si View offers professional instruction with a strong emphasis on technique, fitness and fun. Each student receives individual attention, initiating the joy and appreciation of dance and music. We allow each student the freedom of creative expression in a nurturing and motivating environment designed to enhance self-esteem. Dance classes are taught by experienced instructors: Emmy Fansler, Tempest Chase, Emelia Ricchio, and Phoebe Raferty.

  • The 12-week session begins on Fri, Feb 2nd and will end on Thurs, May 9th.
  • Dancers enrolled in a 12-week dance class will have an opportunity to share progress with parents during watch week, March18th-22nd during the regularly scheduled class time. If you have a special guest in town or want to check in on the class, please talk with the instructor, and they will do their best to accommodate you.
  • A showcase will be scheduled for the end of the season on the last day of class for the Winter season. More information will be communicated as the end of the season nears.
  • No classes are currently scheduled on 2/20, 2/22, 2/23, during mid-winter break, and 4/9, 4/11, 4/12 during spring break.
  • If any classes are cancelled due to /weather/instructor illness, we work to best reschedule classes.

Winter Season Dance Program

Winter Season Introductory Classes (Ages 4-6)

Beginner Jazz (4-6yrs)

Learn jazz steps and across the floor movements while developing a personal sense of artistic expression. For the more advanced students they will contribute to choreography and advance their performance skills.

Dance Combo I: Ballet, Tap, & Jazz (4-6yrs)

This combo class for ages 4-6 provides a wonderful opportunity to explore a diversity of dance styles. Come have fun experiencing the multiple disciplines of Ballet & Jazz. Great for beginning dancers.

Dance Combo II: Ballet, Tap, & Jazz (4-6yrs))

This class is for students ages 4-6 who have already taken Dance Combo I, or if you are age 6 and a first time dancer. In this class students explore a diversity of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

Winter Season Introductory Classes (Ages 7-10)

Beginner/Intermediate Ballet (7-10yrs)

Our ballet classes focus on the basic ballet vocabulary, emphasizing correct alignment. Barre-work, adagio and petite and grand allegro build strength, and grace in a non-competitive encouraging environment. Grace, style, and ballet discipline will continue to be mastered.

Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop (7-10yrs)

Hip Hop is a fun, current style of dance for boys and girls. In this class, we will focus on establishing a good body rhythm and learning basic to intermediate pop choreography. Students will start learning how to control spins, perform leaps and learn choreography to top 40 pop singles.

Dance Combo II: Ballet & Jazz (7-10yrs)

This combo class for ages 7-9 provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a diversity of dance styles. Great for beginning dancers and/or continuing dancers.