Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Summer Camps – Special Interest

Special interest camps are a fantastic way to introduce children to new activities and meet new friends. Si View offers a variety of special interest camps from science to arts facilitated by experienced instructors. Please refer to camp descriptions for program times and locations as some are hosted at offsite facilities. Early registration is recommended as space is limited. Full payment is required at the time of registration.

Artworks Summer Camp

In these creative arts camps, students will learn about art concepts and terminology and apply the elements and principles of art while exploring a variety of art media – including acrylic and watercolor paints, oil and chalk pastels, regular colored and watercolor pencils, clay, and textiles. Designed for new and returning students of different ages and abilities, young artists will learn techniques and gain new skills to create unique and expressive works of art each day. There might even be some fun homework! No previous experience necessary. Class fee includes all child-friendly materials, and your child will receive an art kit to keep. Creating art can be messy – please have your artist dress appropriately!

Big Flips Gymnastics Camp

Learn gymnastics or improve your current gymnastics skills. Our grade school camp provides basic to intermediate gymnastics training. Gymnastics builds strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence, a valuable athletic foundation to excel in a variety of sports. Each student will experience gymnastics including tumbling, bars, beam and vault progressing at his or her own level. Classes are non-competitive and focus on general fitness, self-esteem, and fun!

Bash’em Bots

Design your custom LEGO bot to take on any challenge. Mix and match chassis designs using wheels, treads, or walking legs. Combine these with tools like drills, hammers, and battering rams as you refine our masterpiece by sparring with friends and overcoming obstacles. Apply real-world engineering and physics concepts to help you bash and crash your way to victory.

Mickey’s Fairytale Adventures

LEGO Builders Assemble! Come join our fun and knowledgeable Play-Well Instructors as we use LEGO materials to recreate our favorite animated friends and their worlds! After building our most beloved princesses, villians and sidekicks, get ready to rescue princes and princesses from towers, explore enchanted castles, and maybe even fly on a magic carpet or two. All we need is your creativity and a little magic to bring it all to life!

Chemistry Creations

Year after year, this is our campers favorite camp because they get to make and see reactions happen. Our camp is packed full with different chemistry experiments and taught by an enthusiastic STEM camp counselor. Parents also love this camp because kids leave excited, and the materials and inadvertent chemistry mess stay out of their house.

Fantastic Physics

Join us for a week of cool physics experiments. Kids learn through play, building, and testing. We’ll learn about forces, laws of motion, sound waves, and more. Play, learn, discover during our week of physics. Our camp is packed full with different physics experiments and taught by an enthusiastic STEM camp counselor.

Minecraft Engineering

Come join our fun and knowledgeable Play-Well Instructors as we use LEGO materials to build and interact with our favorite fairy tales! Help Cinderella make it back before midnight, fly with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and ensure Alice outwits the Queen of Hearts. All we need is your creativity and a little magic to bring it all to life!

Minecraft Master Engineering

Bring your favorite Minecraft adventures to life with our enthusiastic Play-Well instructors. In a Minecraft world powered by LEGO resources, we will build shelters to keep out Creepers, craft mystical items that only true masters can wield, and perfect our crossbow skills to stop the Wither from taking over! If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Explore the Micro-world

Learn how to operate a microscope and view parts of the micro- world around us! Over the course of the week we have opportunities for more challenging microscope slide set-ups. We start out with pre-prepared slides, followed by dry slides, and then kids prepare wet slides using pond water. Kids get super excited when they can find a tiny pond creature on a slide! Our camp is packed full of microbiology and taught by an enthusiastic STEM camp counselor.

Robotics Camp

Build from plans or design your own. Campers spend a full five days building or creating incredible working, sensing, moving ROBOTS! All elementary ages welcome. They will have their choice of sets to work with, from simle to complex, LEGO WeDO for the young ones and MINDSTORMS for the ones that need maximum capabilities. Build from over 100 plans or create your own. We have instructors to help.


Each day is a new adventure with our rotating STEM Camp. You’ll enjoy Sphero, a robotic prismatic ball of wonder, programming your own video game from scratch with SCRATCH! MIT’s own graphical programming program. LEGO Power Functions! Build incredible contraptions that you can remote control. on a private local server with other campers. Instructor choice Friday.