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Si View Martial Arts

Mt Si School of Karate offers martial arts training for students ages 4 to adult. We believe and teach the concept that our students need to be well-rounded, educated, competent individuals. We believe that encouragement works better than threats in motivating students to work harder and to push themselves through mental plateaus encountered in their training. We are systematic in acknowledging our students achievements, whether in the martial arts or in their outside lives. Life skills are incorporated to our curriculum throughout the year, for application at home, in school, and in their martial arts training including:


New students are welcome to observe a class anytime. Please visit for more information or contact Sensei Michael Morris at .

All students will need a karate uniform. Uniforms can be purchased from the instructor; cost is $30 for Little and Big Dragon sizes, and $40 for youth and adult sizes. Students in youth and adult classes will also need protective sparring gear which can be purchased from the instructor. Cost of the set is $87. Students have opportunities for belt testing in the Fall and Spring. Tournaments are held 2-4 times a year, participation is optional.

Little Dragons Karate

Mt Si School of Karate offers an introductory karate class for ages 4-5. Basic self-defense skills are taught in a fun, safe and active environment. Stranger safety and life skills emphasized. Uniform fee of $30 payable to the instructor.

Big Dragons Karate

Continuation class for students who have successfully completed the once a week Little Dragons program (or instructor permission) and getting ready to transition to the Youth Karate program. Uniform fee of $30 payable to the instructor.

Save $76! This special offer is for students in the Youth and Teen- Adult Classes only. 20% discount is offered when you pre-pay tuition for each trimester up front. Full payment must be received by September 15th for September- December classes to qualify for the discount. Our next special will run in January for the winter classes (January-April session).
Youth Karate

Karate is for everyone! In our youth program, students learn the importance of Black Belt Excellence, a metaphor for demonstrating strong character, both in karate and in life. This program improves concentration, develops confidence and helps students achieve personal excellence. Karate uniform fee $40 payable to instructor.

Teen and Adult Karate

Karate is for everyone! At Mt Si School of Karate, we believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life. In our adult program, you will experience a unique approach to self-defense and exercise designed to benefit all areas of your life. Karate uniform fee of $40 payable to instructor.

Saturday Teen and Adult Karate

This Saturday class is for those who are interested in Karate but can’t make it during the week. Just like the M/W class this is offered for both men and women and will structured as a 2 hour once a week session. In our adult program, you will experience a unique approach to self-defense and exercise designed to benefit all areas of your life. Karate uniform fee of $40 payable to instructor.

Karate Summer Camp

We are excited to offer a new Karate Camp for all kids interested in Martial Arts. This camp is for kids new to Karate as well as those who have some experience. Use of Okinawan weapons will be introduced. Great opportunity to get an introduction to karate before the kick off of our Fall program.

Si View Martial Arts

“Sensei Michael is amazing with the kids, he has the right mixture of kindness, understanding and discipline. He focuses on the kids as a whole and has a class instead of just on the moves - he really understands the individuals in the classes.”

I like the accessibility of the program. I like the flexibility of the people - in the class and at Si View. I like that it feels like “family.”