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Si View Aquatics!

Si View Metropolitan Park District offers a unique blend of programs and activities for all ages. From tots to seniors, sports to the arts; we provide recreational programs to suit the needs of everyone.

We have swim lessons for ages 6 months to adults. We also offer exercise classes and lifeguard training classes.

Equivalency – Preschool to Youth Levels
Preschool levelYouth Level
(equivalency for students aging up from our Preschool level to youth level)
Pre 1
Pre 2
Pre 3
Pre 4
Pre 5
Youth 1
Youth 1
Youth 2
Youth 2
Youth 3 (if student is a strong swimmer they can go in a Youth 4)

Class Sizes: We like to keep our class sizes small to enhance the students learning experience. Staff to student ratios increase as your student progresses through the swim lesson program. Ratios are as follows:
Parent Tot - 7:1
Puddle Jumpers 1 & 2 - 3:1 (some P Jumpers 2 might have 4)
Pre 1, Pre 2 and Pre 3 - 4:1
Pre 4, Pre 5, Youth 1 and Youth 2 - 5:1
Youth 3, Youth 4, Youth 5 - 6:1
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Infant-Toddler Program

For ages 6 months – 3 ½ years
Parent Tot - Ages 6 months – 3 Years

SKILLS TAUGHT: Verbal cuing, reach & pull arms, kicking, bubble blowing, submersion, climbing out and safe entry. All children not fully potty trained must wear a swim diaper and plastic diaper cover. This is a parent and child program, parent is in the water with their child. As students gain comfort and readiness, they will be introduced to unassisted skills and becoming comfortable doing the skills with the instructor.

Puddle Jumpers I – Ages 2 ½ - 3 ½

Recommend Parent Tot program at least once prior to enrolling in Puddle Jumpers I class: this will increase their comfort in the water. Only take Puddle Jumpers I once; Parent is in for the first four classes (first 2 for Saturday) and the child completes the session with the instructor only.
SKILLS TAUGHT: Water entry and exiting unassisted, blowing bubbles, aquatic breathing, submersion, assisted front floating, assisted back floating, assisted front glides, kicking assisted and unassisted with chin in water, jumping in assisted and unassisted

Puddle Jumpers II – Ages 2 ½ - 4

Must take Puddle Jumpers I to register for Puddle Jumpers II; PARENT DOES NOT GET IN THE WATER FOR PUDDLE JUMPERS II.
Same skills as in a Pre 1 class, with focus on listening skills and following directions; can advance to Pre 1 when 3 years old or when comfortable with being in water.

Session Dates for all levels
of group lessons and swim team

Session C
M/WApril 11 – May 11
(10 lessons) $80 (Parent Tot $70)
T/THApril 12 – May 12
(10 lessons) $80 (Parent Tot $70)
SATApril 16 – May 21
(6 lessons) $48 (Parent Tot $42)
* * * * *
Session D - Weekday
M/WMay 16 – June 15
(9 lessons) $72 (Parent Tot $63)*
T/THMay 17– June 16
(10 lessons) $80 (Parent Tot $70)
Session D - Saturday
SATJun 4 - 25
(4 lessons) $32 (Parent Tot $28)
* No lessons on May 30; Memorial Day
* * * * *
Session E - Weekday
M/WJune 20–July 20
(9 lessons) $72 (Parent Tot $63)
T/THJune 21–July 21
(10 lessons) $80 (Parent Tot $70)
Session E - Saturday
SATJuly 9-August 6
(5 lessons) $40 (Parent Tot $35)
* * * * *
Session F - Weekday
(No Saturday lessons for session F)*
M/WAugust 1–August 24
(8 lessons) $64 (Parent Tot $56)
T/THAugust 2–August 25
(8 lessons) $64 (Parent Tot $56)
* Saturday lessons will resume on September 10

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Preschool Program

Ages 3-6
PRE- 1

PRE- 1 SKILLS TAUGHT: Blowing bubbles; humming; submerging whole head; buoyancy (assisted front float for 5 to 10 seconds); assisted back float 10 seconds; propulsion (kicking with face out of water then face in the water assisted and unassisted); Students must be comfortable submerging completely under water before advancing to Pre 2.

PRE- 2

SKILLS TAUGHT: Humming; submersion; buoyancy (front and back floating unassisted); front glides and back glides unassisted; rolling over (front float to back float / back to front comfortably) unassisted; propulsion (kicking on front and back) w/out support; Students must excel on front skills, back skills and must be comfortable rolling from front to back and back to front without making contact with the pool floor to advance to Pre 3.

PRE- 3

SKILLS TAUGHT: Main focus in this level is breathing (front glide w/ rolling over, intro to side breathing - letter “L” position for the width of pool); intro to crawl stroke and back stroke; intro to elementary back stroke (arms only for the width of pool); Students must excel in tall arms with rolling over to breathe to advance to Pre 4.


SKILLS TAUGHT: Crawl stroke; side breathing, kicking, arms and coordination; back stroke; elementary back stroke; intro to breast stroke kick, pike and surface dives, standing dives and intro treading water. Students that excel in crawl and back stroke will advance to Youth 3.


SKILLS TAUGHT: Equivalent to Youth Level 4

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Youth Swim Lessons

Ages 6-12

SKILL TAUGHT: Humming, submerging whole head; buoyancy; front & back glides assisted/unassisted; intro to rolling over; propulsion (kicking w/support and w/out support); jumping into the deep end unassisted. Students must be comfortable with submerging, excel on front and back skills, and be independent in skills before advancing to Youth 2.


SKILLS TAUGHT: Main focus is breathing (front glide w/rolling over, intro to side breathing); intro to crawl; intro to back stroke; intro to elementary back stroke (arms only); changing direction; Intro to treading water, lifejacket intro, surface dives and deep water intro; Students must excel on breathing/rolling over and comfort in deep water to advance to Youth 3


SKILLS TAUGHT: Crawl stroke with side breathing; back stroke; intro to dolphin & breaststroke kick; swimming underwater; pike and surface dives; standing dives from the side; intro to open turns and treading water. Students must excel in crawl with side breathing, backstroke (kick at/near surface) and elementary back to advance to Youth 4.


SKILLS TAUGHT: Refining crawl stoke w/ side breathing; refining back stroke; refining elementary back stroke; breast stroke; butterfly; intro to sidestroke and flip turns. Students must excel in all strokes and tread water for 30 seconds to advance to Y- 5 or swim team.


SKILLS TAUGHT: Refining crawl stroke, back stroke, breast stroke; butterfly; side stroke, diving from block; flip turns. Must excel in all strokes to advance to Swim Team.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Private Lessons

We offer private or semi-private lessons for students 3 years and older. Private lessons have the benefit of fitting available staff schedules while providing you with a lesson option that targets your specific needs and those of your children. Call Si View Pool or e-mail Bridget, to make your arrangements. Cost: $33 per ½ hour for private lesson, $45 per ½ hour for semi-private lesson ($22.50 per student). Should you need to cancel your private lesson(s) a 24 hour notice is required to receive a full refund (minus $10 processing fee).

Fish School

Fish School students will be taught by American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor candidates. The instructors will be implementing practices they have learned in the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor class. Please contact Bridget Verhei with any questions at .

4:40PM 5:15PM 5:50PM6:25PM
Parent/TotPre 1 Youth 2Puddle Jumpers 1 & 2
 Pre 2 Youth 3 Pre 1
 Pre 3Youth 4Pre 2
 Pre 4Youth 5 Youth 1

Adult Swim Lessons

We offer lessons for adult who already have comfort in the water:


Air exchange, submerging whole head with air exchange; front & back glide - assisted and unassisted; introduction to rolling over; kicking on front and back - with support and and without support; jump into deep end unassisted. Introduction to crawl stroke arms & back stroke arms; introduction to crawl stroke w/ rolling & breathing; introduction to elementary back stroke arms; water safety - treading water, life-jackets and floating on back in deep water.


Building on skills learned in Adult beginner; crawl stroke with side breathing; refining backstroke; refining elementary back stroke; introduction to elementary back stroke legs and arm & leg coordination; breaststroke, sidestroke and (butterfly). Diving - surface dives and diving from side.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

American Red Cross Programs

Junior Volunteer Program

Have you taken the American Red Cross Junior Lifeguard class? If you have, you are eligible to volunteer at Si View Pool and learn the ins and outs of a job that can provide you with rewarding experiences. You will be assisting with swim lessons and shadow lifeguarding. You are also eligible to attend the Si View Aquatic staff trainings. Please contact Bridget Verhei or Laurel Anderson to arrange your volunteer schedule. or

American Red Cross Lifeguard training

The purpose of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course is to provide entry level lifeguard participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and illnesses until emergency medical services personnel take over. Upon successful completion of the course participants will be certified in Lifeguarding, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Automated External Defibrillator and First Aid; certification will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you give the instructor on the first day of class

Prerequisites – Must be 15 years old by last scheduled day of the class; swim 300 yards of front crawl and/or breaststroke continuously demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing; tread water for two minutes with no hands; swim 20 yards, retrieve a 10 pound brick from 9 feet and swim 20 yards with brick.

  • Course fee includes Red Cross certification fees, alibraried lifeguard training book and loaner pocket mask.
  • Please bring each day – swim suit, towel, water & snacks and participant manual
  • If you have volunteered 40 hours at Si View Pool, please register in person for the discounted rate
Junior Lifeguard Training

If you are between the ages of 11-14, come and see what being a lifeguard is all about. Learn the ins and outs of a job that can provide you with rewarding experiences. Participants must be able to complete a 50 yard continuous swim to register for the class. The last day of class will include a pizza party. Upon successful completion of the class volunteer opportunities (assisting with swim lessons and lifeguarding) are available at the Si View Pool. Join our Junior Guard team!

Aquatic Exercise Programs

Need to add variety to your workout schedule? At Si View Pool we offer two types of water exercise programs – Arthritis Therapy & Deep Water Aerobics. Water exercise increases cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and promotes weight loss and increased health. No swimming ability necessary (if going in deep water you should be comfortable in deep water – deep water students use flotation). Water exercise is a drop in program, preregistration is not required. Classes can be self-adapted to meet your specific needs.
First class is FREE!

Deep Water Aerobics Classes
Drop In Class

This class is a great cardiovascular workout. A no impact water exercise class, using buoyant and resistant equipment. Emphasis is on strength, range of motion and flexibility. It is a workout that can be adjusted to any participant level. Routines are diverse to hold participant interest.

Arthritis Therapy
Drop In Class

This class is geared for older adults and people with arthritis, but open to anyone interested in participating. The Arthritis Foundation aquatics program is a leader-guided series of gentle water exercises. This program is designed to help ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis through stretching , flexibility and warming movements while providing a fun and social opportunity. No swim skills required.

Staff Bio Raunwyn Cotogna
Raunwyn Cotogna I have been working at siview Pool for three years teaching water aerobics, swimming lessons and lifeguarding. I have been dancing since I was 13. I have competed nationally in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical/ contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theater. I have worked with kids through many different outlets. I have taught swimming lessons, dance lessons, Sunday school and assisting at a preschool. I am also a summer camp counselor. I have been homeschooled my entire life and will be graduating 2016 through a homeschool co-op. I have been accepted into Central Washington University and will major in Special Education and Occupational Therapy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Stingrays Swim Team

Si View Stingrays Swim TeamThe Stingrays are a developmental swim team. We use this team to get swimmers ready to compete on a United States Swimming Association team. We work on stroke technique for the four major strokes, starts and turns. We average one meet every 2 months during the school year and 3-4 meets during the summer. Competing in meets is not required. Meet dates and locations TBD.

To join the swim team you must be able to do 2 lengths of crawl stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, and one length of butterfly. Successful completion of Youth 5 is recommended.

*When registering for Summer Swim Team, please register for either morning or afternoon practice; your child may be able to switch practice times due to scheduling conflicts – please ask the coaches.

Swim meet entries need to be turned in Tuesday of the week(s) that you plan on competing in. Competing in the meets is not required (it is encouraged)! Sibling discount for entire summer session. Price for second-fourth sibling is $135; must register in person or over phone to receive the sibling discount.

Weekly swim team registration
Summer swim team you have the option of registering week to week. Cost for each week is $36.Weekly swim team is M-TH and session dates follow Sessions 1-8. When signing up for weekly swim team, please sign up for morning practice or evening practice.

Sibling discount for weekly swim team
Price for second-fourth sibling is $30; must register in person or over phone to receive the sibling discount.

Middle & High School Swim Club

This program is privately run. For more information please go to their website: