Si View Summer Camps

Summer Camps - Special Interest Camps

Special interest camps are a fantastic way to introduce children to new sports, meet new friends and learn new skills. Si View offers a variety of special interest camps from sports to the arts facilitated by experienced instructors. Please refer to camp descriptions for program times and locations as some are hosted at offsite facilities. Early registration is recommended as space is limited. Full payment is required at the time of registration.

June 25-29 Little Flips | Big Flips | Parkour
July 9-13 Mixed Media
July 16-20 Little Flips | Big Flips | Parkour
Jul 30-Aug 3 Minecraft with LEGO® | Karate
Aug 6-10 Crazy Circuits | Math Detectives | Karate
Aug 13-17 Little Flips | Big Flips | Parkour | Eureka Logic | Mad Scientist | Karate
Aug 20-24 Karate
Mixed Media Art Extravaganza

In this camp, your young artist will experience a wide range of art materials and gain skills that will last a lifetime! Join us as we explore a variety of art media, including acrylics and water colors, sculptural wire, textiles, wood and clay. Each day, we’ll focus on a different medium, creating an individual “art piece of the day”, as well as creating a component to be applied to a final culminating project. Young artists will learn about the history of each medium and professional artists who work with them, as well as common terminology. All child-friendly materials and kiln firing are included. Many materials can be messy, so remember to dress accordingly

Little Flips Gymnastics Camp

Our preschool camps will help young children learn the basic skills of gymnastics in a fun and playful environment while improving their motor skills. We encourage them to try new things and build on skills they have already learned. Camps are designed to provide young boys and girls with the opportunity to develop basic gymnastic and tumbling ability through exercises focusing on coordination, balance, strength, and fun! Activities include, arts and crafts, games and musical activities to get the children running, tumbling, jumping and more!

Big Flips Gymnastics Camp

Come learn gymnastics or build your current gymnastics skills.Gymnastics builds strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence, a valuable athletic foundation to excel in a variety of sports. Each student will experience gymnastics including tumbling, bars, beam and vault progressing at his or her own level. Classes are non-competitive and focus on general fitness, self-esteem, and fun!

Parkour Camp

This camp will provide gymnastics skills for use in parkour or free-running. The strength, flexibility, and coordination to do parkour will be taught in this high-energy class. Many skills in parkour can be perfected in our gymnastics class. Camps are great for girls and boys looking for an exciting new activity!

Crazy Circuits Camp

Come build circuits! This camp is led by a middle school teacher and is geared towards understanding how electronics work through hands on fun.

Math Detectives Camp

Be a math detective this summer! This summer camp is led by a middle school math teacher and is geared towards problem solving using critical thinking skills. Junior detectives will encounter riddles, as well as solve math and logic problems!!

Math and Science Camp Combo

For those kids interested in both math and science can register for a full day combination with a supervised lunch break. Please pack a sack lunch for each day.

Eureka Logic Camp

Come solve tricky problems as a group. This camp is lead by a middle school teacher and is geared towards solving logic problems. This problem will require teamwork to find the solution.

Mad Scientist Camp

Come perform messy experiments and learn about the scientific process. This summer camp is lead by a middle school teacher and geared towards exploring chemical reactions through hands on experiments.Junior chemists will create surprising concoctions, analyze chemical properties, and learn about influential scientists.

Math and Science Camp Combo

For those kids interested in both math and science can register for a full day combination with a supervised lunch break. Please pack a sack lunch for each day.

Mine, Craft, Build Adventure Game with LEGO®

Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO® bricks! Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure game; roll the dice to mine for resources, and use these resources to build special items to help in our adventures! Build a Zoo, create a Medieval Castle, and design a Tree House Village! This experience is an original game designed by Play-Well instructors inspired by the popular game, Minecraft. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or the LEGO® building system.

Karate Summer Camps

Mt Si School of Karate camps are designed for kids new to Karate and kids who have some experience. All camps will take place at Si View Community Center or outside at Si View Park.Sign up for one week or all four.

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