Si View Metropolitan Park District
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Si View Adult Special Interest Classes

Si View Adult Classes - Special Interest

Adult program offerings at Si View include drop-in group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor sports leagues, wellness classes and martial arts program, special interest workshops and more. These programs are a great opportunity to meet local neighbors, build new friendships and community involvement while engaging in healthy activities.

Early registration is encouraged as sometimes programs are cancelled because people wait to the last minute to register. Our registration process is based on trimesters: winter season January-April with registration opening mid-December, spring season May-August with registration opening mid-April, and fall season September-December with registration opening mid-August.

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Adult Dance Classes

Beginning Tango - Adult

Always wanted to try Tango dancing? Come learn basic, easy American Tango moves in this absolute beginner’s class. Move like a cat across the dance floor, turn into a quick promenade yes you can! And, enjoy 5 weeks of wonderful Tango dance music. Each week will include both beginning level instruction and lots of practice time. No previous partner dance experience is required. No partner is required and leather soled shoes are recommended.

Adult/Senior Tap
Drop In

You are never too old to make some noise! Let yourself go in this beginning tap class! Learn basic steps and rhythms, traveling time steps and shuffles! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your tap shoes the first day!

Beginning Ballroom Dancing
Return Fall 2017

Anyone can learn to partner dance and have fun on the dance floor. This beginning ballroom dance course is for either those new to partner dancing or who are very rusty and want to again start at the very beginning. The low-key, slowpaced, class will cover one ballroom dance a month. The first 4 weeks will cover the basics of Waltz, the second 4 weeks East Coast Swing, and beyond that the instructor will chose from ChaChaCha, Rumba, Foxtrot, Tango, or other dances. No Partner is required and leather soled shoes are recommended.

Swing Dance - Adult

Let’s Swing into Spring at Si View Metro Parks! What better way to welcome warm spring evenings than with 5 Monday nights of swing dance. This class is for anyone who has had at least one class in swing dancing even if a long time ago. The goals are to have fun, practicing your swing dancing, get pointers as needed, and learn a few new cool moves. Each class will include about 20 minutes of instruction on swing dancing. The remainder of class will be for practicing your swing dancing to fun music with the instructor available to answer questions and suggest ways to enhance your dancing. No partner is required and leather soled shoes are recommended.

Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
Return Fall 2017

This class is for those who have had some partner dancing experience and are at the intermediate beginning or advanced beginning level. This fun and slightly faster-paced course will cover beginning waltz and foxtrot during the first 5 weeks. The second 5 weeks will cover cha cha and rumba. The final 2 weeks will simulate dance experiences students might have attending outside ballroom dances. No Partner is required and leather soled shoes are recommended.

Adult Special Interest Classes

Introduction to Beekeeping
with treatment-free practices

Honeybees are fun to keep in the backyard for their honey, pollination, and personal enjoyment. Sustainable, treatment-free, and holistic beekeeping in the northwest is not only possible, but practical. This class will explore beekeeping basics treatment-free, and holistic beekeeping methods, including top-bar hive, small-cell Langstroth, and foundationless Langstroth hive methodologies.

Oh, no! You cancelled it! Sometimes programs are cancelled because people wait too long to register. Please register EARLY to avoid disappointment!
Watercolor Workshop
Return Fall 2017
(Basic & Advanced Techniques)

This one-day seminar will introduce the student to the basic elements of watercolor and rarely taught advanced techniques that separate the mundane from the spectacular. Handouts will be provided, including a reading list for further study. The seminar will be broken into two sections. The first session will present an introduction to watercolor painting and basic technique. The second session will provide the student with tools to take his paintings from” Nice Watercolor.” to “WOW!”

Claydies Nights
Return Fall 2017

Join us for two evenings of fun and creativity as you experience hand building and glazing pottery as well as paint-your-own ceramics. Instructor Sandra “Sam” Sinanan will provide guidance and ideas -- no experience is necessary. You will create your project(s) in the first class, and glaze them in the second class. Final projects will be kiln-fired and returned to Si View Community Center for pick up within 2-3 weeks after the last class. Class fee includes all non-toxic materials and kiln firing. Creating with clay can be messy – remember to dress accordingly!