Si View Park Prop 1

Thank You for your strong support of Proposition 1 at the ballot box.

86% of our Park District voters said "Yes" to renewing Si View's partial levy protection for six years, helping protect the current level of District funding and services from re-allocation. With your vote you have chosen to invest in your local community, providing resources necessary to maintain your local parks and recreation programs.

Thank you for your support!


Si View Metropolitan Park District

Preserve funding for local parks and recreation programs


Proposition 1 is a renewal of Si View’s six-year levy protection that voters passed in 2011. It helps protect the current level of District funding and services from re-allocation.

In 2011 voters protected a portion of Si View’s levy for six years (25 cents /$1000 of assessed value). This prevented 40% of Si View’s levy from being automatically re-allocated to other taxing districts in King County in accordance with a statutory formula. The District’s levy maintains basic safety, current operations and District facilities and programs, including the Si View Community Center and Pool, parks, playfields, playgrounds, trails, recreation programs for youth, teens and adults, and community events. The District’s levy does not include capital projects.

This partial levy protection is now expiring. Proposition 1 is not a tax increase–it would renew Si View’s levy protection and preserve current funding for Si View Community Center, parks, pool and nearly 600 annual programs. Passage of Proposition 1 would protect $0.25 of the District’s existing regular tax levy from prorationing for a period of six years beginning in 2018.

Without protection, Si View’s levy will automatically be re-allocated to other taxing districts within King County in accordance with a statutory formula. This re-allocation process is known as prorationing. If Proposition 1 is not passed by voters, in 2018 the District will incur a projected 15% decrease from its current levy funding impacting operations, safety and programs of the District.

Proposition 1 for renewal of Si View’s existing levy protection will be on the November 7th ballot.

For additional information, please call our office at 425-831-1900.

Vote for Prop 1 on November 7, 2017