Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Metropolitan Park District

Si View Program Plan

Si View Metropolitan Park District has adopted a Recreation Program Plan to define strategies, services, and direction for public recreation programming to meet the needs of the growing community and advance the District's mission.

The Recreation Program Plan is a community driven approach to identifying priority programming and services for the District over the course of the next six years. The plan includes biannual goals and implementation strategies to diversify and expand programming according to resident needs, industry trends and local market analysis. This plan was developed with active engagement by our community, leadership and stakeholders to understand how to best serve current and projected recreation needs for our community. It provides staff and commission tools to define strategies, services and direction to advance the District's mission as the community grows and recreation needs change, including recommendations in the areas of operational management, programs and services, and policies and practices.

Program Plan

Community Interest and Opinion Survey

During the course of the Recreation Program Plan development, the District surveyed residents to explore public priorities for future park and recreation services. The results of this survey highlight the community's strong desire for variety of outdoor recreation programming, community events, and continued focus towards building out a connected trail network.

Si View Metro Parks District Community Interest and Opinion Survey – Findings Report 2021