Si View Park Program Plan

Si View Program Plan 2021

Si View Metro Parks has a strong commitment to enhance the quality of life of residents in Snoqualmie Valley through delivery of parks and recreation. In 2021, we値l be developing a Recreation Program Plan with a help of a consulting firm to define strategies, services, and direction for public recreation programming to meet the needs of the growing community and advance the District痴 mission.

We want to hear from you!

Community engagement and input is essential for the success of this process. In the coming months we値l be asking our community a series of questions related to recreation programming. As we are still in the midst of a pandemic, it is unlikely that we値l host in-person events, but we値l get creative with alternate methods, including our project page online! We値l be conducting a statistically valid survey that is mailed to a random sample of households which gives us a true representation of community needs. Additionally, we will make that same survey instrument available to everyone online as another part of our data collection process.

What does a recreation program plan accomplish?

  • Si View Program PlanIt engages the community, leadership and stakeholders in meaningful, varied and a creative public engagement process to build a shared vision for recreation programs, as well as understand how to best serve current and projected recreation needs of the Snoqualmie Valley community;
  • It utilizes a wide variety of data sources and best practices to predict recreation trends and patterns of use and how to address unmet needs;
  • It determines unique Level of Service Standards for the District to project appropriate and prudent actions regarding recreation programs and services and assess current recreation needs for programming;
  • It shapes financial and operational preparedness through innovative and 渡ext practices to achieve the strategic objectives and recommended actions and implementation strategies, while aligning with best practices;
  • It develops a dynamic and realistic strategic action plan that can ensure long-term success and financial sustainability for recreation programs and facilities, as well as action steps to support the diverse community that the District serves.

More project details are forthcoming, go ahead and bookmark our project page now and sign up for email alerts to stay in the know!