Si View Metropolitan Park District
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Si View Park Improvements

Si View Metropolitan Park District Capital Improvement Projects

Projects Currently Under Way

Community Bike Park at Torguson Athletic Complex

The City of North Bend and Si View Metropolitan Park District are collaborating on a park improvement project to bring an exciting new amenity to the Torguson Athletic Complex located in the heart of North Bend. A Community Bike Park, with tracks for all levels of riders is planned for the southwest portion of the Torguson complex. This project will also enhance the southwest entrance area with improved walking paths, seating areas and signage. Funding for this project has been secured from King County Youth Sports Facilities Grant program, City of North Bend, Si View Metro Parks and community partners. A preliminary concept plan has been developed with expertise from The Watershed Company and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

The new bike park will be reshaped using proper track surface and subbase for our climate and designed with features for users ranging in age and skill level. The new track can be used year-round and will keep beginner riders separated from the advanced riders, greatly improving safety for all participants. The new track design will also improve the function and health of the adjacent wetland and buffer. Using the highest industry standards and materials will allow the track to shed water and eliminate erosion, enhancing the health of the ecosystem. This project is currently in the design phase with project completion planned in 2017. You may view the preliminary site plan here: Download Poster

Tollgate Farm Park to Snoqualmie Valley Trail Connector

Safe walking/biking route connecting local trails to parks is in its early design phase. The proposed connector trail eliminates the need to walk/bike on the shoulder of heavily traveled SR 202. It includes construction of an extension to the current boardwalk under SR 202, gravel trail, cattle fencing and a boardwalk connecting to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail north of Tollgate Farm.

Tollgate Farmhouse Rehabilitation Project

Tollgate Farmhouse Rehabilitation project to renovate the facility for community use for educational programming and events has been recommended for $279,000 in grant funding through Heritage Capital Project Fund Program. However, this grant funding is not included in the current 2017-2019 state budget proposal. We are actively working on securing this grant. If you would like to help by reaching out to legislators, please contact . The Farmhouse exterior has recently been rehabilitated with a $150,000 grant from the Building for Culture: Saving Landmarks initiative. The first phase included rehabilitation of the exterior shell with new windows and siding, as well as seismic upgrades.

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Si View Metropolitan Park District Capital Improvement Projects History

Since the formation of the District in 2003, our mission has been focused on partnering with the community to preserve historic Si View Park and the aging facilities within. Through hard work and dedication we have made great strides in improving the quality of life for residents by investing in infrastructure. These improvements enhance recreation programs and parks in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley and ensures facilities will be here for future generations. Since 2005, over $10M dollars have been dedicated for facility and park improvements.

2016 Capital Projects - $431,000

Several large projects were completed including replacement of all Si View Community Center and Annex windows; closeout items to Si View Community Center interior renovation project; Repairs to the liner and repainting of Si View Pool; Design of directional signage for Si View Park; Design phase of Torguson Complex Bike Park and Entry; Design, production and installation of interpretive signage at Tollgate Farm Park; Exterior rehabilitation of Tollgate Farmhouse and repairs to the septic system at Tollgate Farm Park.

2015 Capital Projects - $1,736,000

Two major projects spanned a two-year window providing the community much improved amenities at Si View Community Center and a new community park at Tollgate Farm. See descriptions under 2014.

2014 Capital Projects - $1,413,000

Si View Community Center interior renovation project included upgrades to plumbing, electrical and fire suppression systems; Reconfiguration of the interior layout to maximize use of space, and improved traffic flow for programming; Restoration of the gym woodwork and replacement of deteriorated flooring. Tollgate Farm Park development project created community access to this centrally located property with parking areas, restrooms, playground, picnic area and interpretive trails.

2013 Capital Projects - $1,342,000

Majority of our efforts were focused on a multi-year Si View Park renovation project providing the community greatly improved amenities and safety features. See description under 2012. Design phase of the Tollgate Farm Park was completed as were repairs to the Si View Pool pump system.

2012 Capital Projects - $1,944,000

The Si View Park renovation project included lighted pathways connecting the amenities, perimeter trail, two new playgrounds, restrooms with a concession stand, picnic shelter, outdoor basketball court, grading of playfields, and drainage and irrigation installation for year round use of sports fields. Si View Community Center exterior rehabilitation project was completed and initial design work for Tollgate Farm Park started.

2011 Capital Projects - $586,000

Design phase for Si View Park renovation project was completed, Si View Community Center exterior rehabilitation project with new siding, roofing, and gutters was started. The heater for Si View Pool was repaired.

2010 Capital Projects - $558,000

Work on the Si View Parking Plaza project was completed providing pedestrian and traffic safety improvements with onsite parking plaza, sidewalks and bike lanes along Orchard Drive. Exterior doors to the Si View Community Center and Pool were replaced.

2009 Capital Projects - $848,000

Design and early construction of the Si View Parking Plaza was started. Sidewalks along Orchard Drive were constructed and Si View Park was connected to the city sewer system.

2005-2008 Capital Projects - $1,182,000

Facility repairs and upgrades to aging systems at Si View Community Center and Pool were the first order of business for the new park district to ensure safe operation of facilities. These were completed over several years and included ADA improvements, HVAC and electrical system upgrades and a long list of smaller repairs. The North Annex space acquisition for office and maintenance use was completed in 2008.