Si View Metropolitan Park District
Si View Parks Improvments

Si View Metropolitan Park District Capital Improvement Projects

Si View Community Center Remodel Project – completed

Our beloved Si View Community Center has withstood the test of time providing our community with a lifetime of memories. To assure that we retain this community asset for future generations, capital improvements are necessary to replace and restore aspects of the building that after 75 years have exceeded their useful life.


Community Center Remodel Project Scope

  • Replace/repair deteriorating community center flooring
  • Upgrade plumbing and electrical systems to meet current code requirements
  • Upgrade fire suppression system to meet current code requirements
  • Reconfigure community center interior layout to maximize use of space, improve safety, and allow for ideal traffic flow for community oriented programs
  • Improvements to kitchen to better serve program and community needs
  • Replace exterior windows with “era” specific, energy efficient models
  • ADA improvements to doorways and restrooms
  • Improve storage/maintenance area configuration and access
  • Restore gym woodwork where necessary

Si View Park Rehabilitation and Tollgate Farm Improvement Project

Si View Parks Improvments

In August 2010, park district residents approved Proposition 1, a 6.7 million bond measure to take care of the park and recreation facilities of our growing community so that they will be here for our children and grandchildren. The bond measure included refinancing of 2009 general obligation bonds in addition to much needed exterior repairs of the historic community center, renovation of Si View Park and development of Tollgate Farm. For more information about these projects, please contact Si View Metropolitan Park District staff at 425-831-1900 or email .

Tollgate Farm Park Access & Improvements – completed

  • Provide community access to Tollgate Farm Park with parking
  • Add children's playground, restrooms, picnic area
  • Develop an interpretive trail on the property
  • Preserve natural areas and views of Mount Si and Tollgate Farm pastures
    • Due to the high water table at the Tollgate property, construction progress has been highly dependent on seasonal weather patterns delaying the overall progress. Without any unforeseen delays, the park will be open and fully accessible to the public by Spring 2015.
Tollgate Farm

Si View Park Improvements – completed summer 2013

  • Pedestrian and traffic safety improvements through onsite parking plaza, additional lighting, sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Lighted pathways connecting the amenities at Si View park
  • Dilapidated play area has been replaced by two new playgrounds that meet current safety standards. Playgrounds feature a zip line and a climbing rock in addition to traditional play equipment.
  • Playfields have been graded; drainage and irrigation installed to improve safety and year round use of sports fields.
  • Old dilapidated restrooms have been replaced with new, more centrally located restrooms adjacent to new concession stand.
  • Picnic areas with tables and covered shelter, basketball court have been added
  • Approximately ½ mile paved walking and biking trail has been added around the park, along with landscaping around park perimeter

Historic Si View Community Center Repairs –
completed summer 2012

  • Worn out and leaking roof has been replaced
  • Aged and deteriorated log exterior has been replaced
  • Broken windows and rain gutters have been repaired
  • Building exterior has been insulated

Frequently Asked Questions

The new siding looks much lighter in color than the original product, will it be stained?

The western red cedar planks used for siding of the community center building have been treated with a product that over the course of a few seasons will begin to mimic a natural aged look. When achieved the new siding will take on the appearance and maintain our Historic Si View look.

Why did Si View improve the parking first?

We took advantage of a creative opportunity to collaborate with the City of North Bend and save the residents of the District money by using a grant awarded by the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board. The grant money was used to make street frontage safety improvements including the sidewalk along Orchard Drive. The grant needed to be expended by 2009 therefore to utilize the grant and save money on a project already identified as a priority by our patrons the District and City moved forward with the sidewalk project. Inherently by building the sidewalk it took away all parking at Si View Park so the Parking Phase of the parks Master Plan was implemented before needed repairs to the building could take place. This order of improvements was not our initial intention but the District felt that was best to take advantage of cost savings realized by the grant and City collaboration.

Why did Si View paint the parking lot?

Having to pave over parkland to provide parking for Si View Park and Community Center the District wanted to make the area as multi-functional as possible. The design of the parking plaza is meant to provide parking, but also to provide an adequate staging area for a diverse range of special events and recreation programming. Programs such as 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, Farmers Market and the Festival at Mt. Si just to name a few.

The painting also provides another purpose. Traditional black pavement creates a "heat island affect" therefore alleviating the possibility of using native plant species in the landscape design. The paint minimizes the heat from the pavement and the "heat island affect" and allows us to use plants that are native and therefore reduce maintenance costs and upkeep.