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Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan

District Comprehensive Plan

The Valley and the District continue to grow together. To help guide District growth and the allocation of resources the District has begun the initial steps to updating its Comprehensive Plan in 2016. A successful plan will be driven by input from our community, staff and stakeholders and provide a blueprint for District Operations for the next six to ten years.

Community Interest and Opinion Survey:

The Si View Metropolitan Park District (MPD) conducted a Community Interest and Opinion Survey during the summer of 2012 to help establish priorities for the future development of parks and recreation facilities, programs and services within the community. The survey was designed to obtain statistically valid results from households throughout the Si View Metropolitan Park District.

You may view the Executive Summary of Citizen Survey Results by clicking here.

Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan 2006 - 2011

The District’s Six-Year Comprehensive Plan serves as an overall policy guide for growth and development in areas of capital projects, programs, facilities, parks, budget, community needs and possible land acquisition. This plan provides the vision for the District and is a critical planning tool in establishing future District priorities. Community members, business members, non-profit groups and all other interested parties are encouraged to participate in the process.

We invite you to review the current Comprehensive Plan: