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Si View Adult Fitness ProgramSi View Health and Wellness programs offer a variety of year-round fitness classes as well as seasonal wellness courses. Our experienced instructors look forward to helping you reach your personal goals!
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Karate Classes
AquaZumba & other aquatic fitness classes

Many of our year-round fitness classes are drop-in based, meaning you can pay a drop-in fee for a single visit, or purchase a pass for multiple visits. Drop-in classes do not require pre-registration. Passes are sold for 5 or 10 visits at a time. Passes are sold per instructor and valid only towards classes the specific instructor offers. Cost of passes varies from class to class. Passes are not valid towards classes offered by other instructors. Passes are personal and not transferable. All memberships and punch passes are now available for purchase and/or renewal online.

Bring towel and water bottle to fitness classes
Enrollment classes have limited class sizes and require pre-registration. Enrollment classes do not typically offer a drop-in option. Session length varies; please refer to class description for details. Register early to guarantee a spot.

Spring / Summer 2014 Classes


Drop-in Fitness Classes - Spring / Summer 2014

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North Bend Fitmates
This exciting cross training program will get you in shape, tone your muscles, and burn calories! Games, relays and drills get your heart pumping and strength and circuit training builds muscle and improves endurance. Training with a fun co-ed group helps you improve your overall fitness faster – challenge by choice! Learn more at
Instructor: Minna Rudd
Location: Si View Gym and Fields
Punch Card Fee: $50/10 classes or $30/5 classes
Drop in Fee: $7
15+ T/THMay 1-Aug 28 6:00PM-7:15PM
Step Aerobics & Resistance Training
This is an all-around high energy, amazing body conditioning class with Gale Miner using steps, weights and bands – a total body workout that will keep you coming back. This class is suitable for most fitness levels. Routines can be modified for different abilities. Please bring water bottle and towel.
Instructor: Gale Miner
Location: Si View Gym
Punch card Fee: $35/5 classes
Enrollment Fee: $60/monthly
Drop in Fee: $8
15+ M/WMay 5-June 25 6:00PM-7:00PM
15+ SatMay 3-June 28* 8:00AM-8:50AM
*No Saturday Classes on 4/19, 4/26, 5/31
Fun, high energy class for most ages! Zumba features interval training sessions with fast and slow rhythms. Come have fun while dancing to great music and having a Latin experience. No dance experience required.
Instructor: Nicole Lang
Location: Si View Gym
Fee: Punch card: $50/10 classes,
$30/5 classes
Drop in: $7
15+ M/WMay 5-Aug 27* 7:15PM-8:15PM
15+ THMay 1-Jun 12 9:00AM-10:00AM
*No classe May 14 and May 26
Belly Dancing
Women of all ages, sizes and inclinations are re-discovering an empowering themselves through the ancient, feminine, dance practice playfully called “Belly Dancing”. The fluid and graceful movements help to tone and strengthen the back and abdominal muscles while improving posture and self confidence, all to wonderful music. This class covers fundamentals as well as choreographing a dance. Dress for comfort and bring a large scarf to tie around your hips. Teens, adults and seniors all are welcome. This is exercise for everyone!
Instructor: Kathy Stuart
Location: Si View Social Room
Punch card Fee: $90/10 classes, $45/5 classes
Drop in Fee: $11
15+ ThursMay 1-Aug 28 6:15PM-7:15PM
Adult/Senior Tap – ONGOING!
You are never too old to make some noise! Let yourself go in this beginning tap class! Learn basic steps and rhythms, traveling time steps and shuffles! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your tap shoes the first day!
Instructor: Cristie Coffing
Location: Mt Si Senior Center
Punch card fee: $30/5 classes (valid for 90 days)
Drop in fee: $7
Adults/SeniorsTuesOngoing – June 17 1:00PM-1:45PM

Health & Wellness Classes
Enrollment Classes - Spring / Summer 2014

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Early Bird Fitmates
Start your day with an energizing workout! This class is a great way to balance your exercise schedule. Each class consists of warm-up exercises, circuit training, daily challenge, and a cool down phase for a complete cardiovascular and muscle building workout. Suitable for most fitness levels. Learn more at
Class size is limited, enroll to guarantee a spot!
Instructor: Minna Rudd
Location: Si View Gym/Fields
Fee: $20 monthly
Drop in Fee: $7
15+ WedMay 7-Aug 27* 6:00AM-7:00AM
*No class July 2
Intro to Yoga
This class is meant to help students who are new to Yoga, learn the basics for a solid yoga foundation and experienced yogis, an opportunity to practice the Ashtanga fundamentals. Yoga poses are broken down to give you the confidence and skills for alignment, breath work, strength and flexibility. Please bring a yoga mat (yoga block and strap encouraged).
Instructor: Stephanie Merrow
Location: Si View Social Room
Fee: $64/8 week session
Adults MonJun 2-Jul 21 7:00PM-8:00PM
Tai Chi: Simplified 24
We will be practicing the first form the simplified 24. It teaches stepping, weight distribution, opening and closing, and developing internal energy. This form is great for improving balance, teaching relaxation and for reducing stress. It also prepares the practitioner for the next series of forms. Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes. New students are welcome and existing students will be continuing to build skills in the 24 form.
Instructor: Steve Cousins
Location: Si View Social Room
Fee: $160 for full 16-week session or $48/monthly
18+ WedMay 14-Aug 27 8:05PM-9:05PM
Chinese movement exercises that promote health and the development of chi. There are many different sets of Qigong. We will be focusing on three that accomplish different objectives. 1) Fang Sung Gong is a series of movements that produce a deep relaxation throughout the body and limbs. It has been compared to standing meditation but with movement. One of the features of this set is a balancing of Yin and Yang energy. 2) Hunyuan Gong is a Taoist internal set that combines internal and martial Qigong methods in an effective and elegant system. The set uses movement and visualization to open the qi-meridians of the body. 3) Chansi Gong (silk reeling) is a set of exercises that trains spiraling movements unique to the Chen Taiji system. This set includes joint opening exercises using gentle and fluid movements. These exercises help create the flowing movements and style of Chen Taiji.
Instructor: Steve Cousins
Location: Si View Fireside Room
Fee: $40/monthly or $12 drop in fee
18+ WedMay 14-Aug 27 7:00PM-8:00PM
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Yoga Fundamentals
This class is meant to provide students of all levels an opportunity to apply the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, as you develop your practice. Yoga poses are broken down to give you the confidence and skills for alignment, breath work, strength and flexibility. Please bring a yoga mat (yoga block and strap encouraged).
Instructor: Stephanie Merrow
Location: Si View Fireside Room
Fee: Varies by session length ($8/class) or $10 drop in
AgesDaysDatesTimes Fee
Adults MonApr 7-28 8:05PM-9:05PM $32
Adults FriApr 18-May 23 2:00PM-3:00PM $48

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Fitness Classes
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Step Aerobics6:00PM
Intro to Yoga7:00PM
Yoga Fundamentals8:05PM
Tap Dancing1:00PM
Step Aerobics6:00PM
Tai Chi8:05PM
Belly Dancing6:15PM
Yoga Fundamentals2:00PM
Step Aerobics8:00AM